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PC-HR - Hanging Rail For Wardrobe Carton

The PC-HR wardrobe carton plastic hanging rail is perfect for transporting clothes. The hanging rail then fits into the wardrobe carton...

From £1.00

T-PP-F - Fragile Printed Tape 66m Roll

The T-PP-F fragile printed tape can help you ensure your fragile items are secure and safe when moving from one location to the next. The...

From £1.80

T-PVC-B - Brown PVC Tape 66m Roll

The T-PVC-B Brown PVC tape is heavy duty which helps ensure your valuables are packed securely. The tape can be used for general...

From £1.85

T-PVC-W - White PVC Tape 66m Roll

The T-PVC-W white PVC tape is perfect for helping you move. The tape is durable and flexible, providing an easy way to secure boxes and...

From £1.85

BB1 - Bubble Bags

The BB1 bubble bag is designed to protect valuables and items by placing them into the bag. This protects valuables due to the special...

From £1.00

BW - Bubble Wrap Standard

The BW standard bubble wrap is perfect for protecting your valuable items. This protects valuables due to the special type of plastic...

From £36.00

PBB - Bubble Blanket with Soft Liner

The PBB bubble blanket is ideal for furniture protection when moving house. The bubble blanket is designed for the protection of chairs,...

From £90.00

PM1HD - Polythene Mattress Bag

The PM1HD mattress bag is the perfect option for keeping your mattress protected when moving house. The mattress bags protect the...

From £2.50

TBC1 - Standard Transit Blanket 2m x 1.5m

The TBC1 standard 2m x 1.5m transit blanket is ideal for protecting furniture when moving locations. The transit blanket is perfect for...

From £3.00

SS3 - Clear Stair Stick Multi Purpose - SS3

The SS3 clear stair stick is the perfect solution for protecting the stairs when moving or renovating the house or office. This will...

From £45.00

AFT - Acid Free Tissue

The AFT Acid free tissue is ideal for wrapping and protecting delicate clothing or valuables when moving house or locations. The acid...

From £10.00

PP5 - Packing Paper

PP5 Packaging paper is perfect for wrapping valuables and office equipment when moving. The paper will ensure that your possessions are...

From £7.50