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phs Teacrate has three wash plants in the UK

phs Teacrate wash plants  
With three wash plants in the UK, phs Teacrate offers state-of-the-art wash facilities with the capability to clean all types of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) equipment. This includes:

What is Returnable Transit Packaging?
Returnable Transit Packaging is replacing one-trip packaging as the preferred carrier for transporting and storing a wide range of products. The re-use of packaging such as the use of food bale arm trays and plastic hygiene pallets provides clear economic, social, and environmental benefits, across the entire supply chain.

Supporting the food and retail supply chain
Teacrate recognise that hygiene is a major consideration in the food and retail supply chains and because of this our food and wash centres all adhere to the ISO 14001 accreditation. With phs Teacrate, you won’t have to worry about wash plant maintenance costs or hygiene due diligence concerns, as everything will be taken care of for you.

Is our wash service hygienic?
Yes. The wash process used by phs Teacrate is very thorough, especially for equipment required in the food industry. All items are prewashed, main washed, and rinsed. We can also dry to <10g of water per tray if required.

To confirm their cleanliness is to a high standard, phs Teacrate routinely swab test for evidence of bacteria, with RLU (Reflective Light Units) recorded and logged (by customer). This is particularly important for food supply chains.  

Trays washed to your specific requirements
phs Teacrate can cater the wash process to meet your individual business requirements. Once the trays are collected, if required, all evidence of labelling, glue residue and soiling will be removed from trays, containers or totes.  They will then be thoroughly washed go through a rigorous quality assurance check, involving random swab testing, before being shrink wrapped and palletised for delivery.

A complete service
With an optional collection and delivery service, phs Teacrate’s Food and Wash Service Centres can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. The use of phs Teacrate wash facilities is available on a fully serviced contract basis with products supplied, or as a stand-alone service to customers owning their own containers, trays or pallets.

The phs Teacrate wash process
Teacrate has three dedicated wash plants across the UK. The plants are located in The Midlands, Durham, and Edmonton, London.

Diagram of the process Teacrate use to wash their crates

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