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Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Contact us now for the supply of lidded totes, roll cages, tote washing services and packaging materials.

In the pharmaceutical industry, crates are primarily used for the secure distribution of drugs or pharmaceutical items between central hubs and retail stores such as high street chemists. It is essential that during the delivery and transportation of these drugs that the contents are secure, clean and are not at risk of being mislaid.


phs Teacrate’s attached lid containers have tamper-resistant hinges with interlocking lid tabs for added security. They also include a sloping lid surface with moisture dams and hinge drains to prevent moisture ingress, keeping valuable contents dry and clean.


As the owners of several crate moulds, phs Teacrate has a preferred partnership with a UK based plastic injection moulding company who manufactures on our behalf. Thus, we are in a position to supply high quality, large volume, totes or lidded containers in varying sizes that meet your corporate colours and brand logo requirements.

Our attached lid containers are suitable for multi-trips between locations, which also means they can collect a high number of sticky barcode labels. phs Teacrate offers a state-of-the-art crate wash and de-labelling service for crates and pallet washing. With two crate washing sites located in the UK, equipped with modern facilities, they house several industrial wash lines with the capability to clean all types of RTP equipment, including bale-arm crates, plastic trays, tote boxes and plastic pallets.


At phs Teacrate, we understand our customers may have different washing requests, which is why we wash our crates to meet your individual requirements. Once collected, we remove all evidence of dirt, labelling and soiling created when our crates are transported through supply chains and from manual handling. All crates are then put through a rigorous quality assurance check, swab tested and finally shrink wrapped ready for delivery. With collection and delivery included, we can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our in-house wash facilities are available on a fully serviced contract basis or as a stand-alone service to customers owning their own containers or pallets.

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