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PC-6 - Small Cardboard Box

The PC-6 small cardboard box is ideal for home workers, moving small and valuable possessions from one location to another. Valuables are...

From £1.50

PC-2 - Large Moving Box

The PC-2 large cardboard moving box is perfect for moving larger household items from one location to another. The large moving box is...

From £2.00

BW5 - Bubble Wrap Standard

The BW5 standard bubble wrap is perfect for protecting your valuable items. This protects valuables due to the special type of plastic...

From £13.65

PC-1 - Short Moving Box

The PC-1 short moving box is the perfect...

From £1.90

PC-3 - Tall Moving Box

The PC-3 tall moving box is ideal if you have tall items that need to be moved from one location to another safely. The double walled...

From £2.95

PC-4 - Moving Box

The PC-4 long moving box assists with the moving of longer items that would struggle to fit in a regular cardboard box. The double walled...

From £3.20

PC-ABB - Archive Box With Lid

The robust PC-ABB archive box with lid is perfect for transporting important documents from one location to another. Not only is the...

From £1.75

PC-MP - Mirror/Picture Carton

The PC-MP mirror/picture carton is designed for the safe transportation of mirrors and pictures from one location to another. This is...

From £1.90

WC-B - Tall Wardrobe Moving Box

The WC-B tall wardrobe moving box is the perfect box for the transportation of long clothes, including dresses when moving home. The...

From £5.50

WC-B-S - Short Wardrobe Box

The WC-B-S short wardrobe box is ideal for transporting clothes. Perfect for moving tops, trousers and children's clothes. The hanging...

From £5.00

PC-HR - Hanging Rail For Wardrobe Carton

The PC-HR wardrobe carton plastic hanging rail is perfect for transporting clothes. The hanging rail then fits into the wardrobe carton...

From £1.00

T-PP-F - Fragile Printed Tape 66m Roll

The T-PP-F fragile printed tape can help you ensure your fragile items are secure and safe when moving from one location to the next. The...

From £1.80

1-12 of 34 products


We stock a wide range of packaging accessories to ensure that all your personal goods are kept safe when you are moving house. These accessories include brown packing tape, polypropylene, PVC and masking tape products. All of our packaging accessories are strong, heavy duty and ideal for securing cardboard cartons. Tape can be used for many different things when moving house including securing bubble wrap, packing paper products, assembling your moving boxes prior to use and to securely seal your boxes when they are full.

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