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There are many challenges facing the automotive sector today, and if you work in this industry, you’ll know it’s fast moving, and vitally important to the UK economy. So important, in fact, that it’s crucial that the transportation and storage of high value parts are given optimal protection. And your packaging plays an integral part in this. Parts bins, or tote boxes are not only used by manufacturers to store new parts, but also by suppliers to the industry, so manufacturers of seat belts, braking systems, gearboxes and all the multiple parts that make up vehicles.. The production of a vehicle requires thousands of different components. Without the right crate solution, vehicle parts and product integrity could be damaged. In addition, dirty crates, boxes being lost or stolen, issues maintaining sufficient stock due to degradation and breakages, and branded totes displaying the incorrect company name due to acquisition are daily challenges for the automotive industry.

But they shouldn’t be, and phs Teacrate can help. Our attached lidded containers, trays, pallets and bulk bins are manufactured from tough polypropylene, which makes them exceptionally robust and secure. They are specifically designed to hold and protect items within them so the risk of damage to delicate content is minimised. They have tamper-resistant hinges for added security, and contoured ergonomic handles.

phs Teacrate also own the tooling and has a preferred manufacturing partnership with a plastic injection moulding company, so we can produce high volume quantities, in a bespoke bi-colour (different colour lid to the base), with logo branding, if required. This ensures you can find the exact crate product for the right application, and item identification and minimises the risk of boxes being lost or stolen. 

Inevitably, working in the vehicle manufacturing industry can mean crates get dirty and suffer from oil, dirt, and glue residue.  This degradation can impact the quality of the contents. phs Teacrate wash and remove all oil and dirt from crates so your parts or components are kept in pristine condition. We offer state-of-the-art washing facilities with the capability to clean all types of crates and totes, all washed to the high standards you require, to meet your specific requirements. Once collected, we remove all evidence of labelling and soiling created when transported through the supply chain. All trays go through a rigorous quality assurance check, swab tested and finally shrink-wrapped ready for re-delivery back to you. With collection and delivery included, we can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our in-house wash facilities are available on a fully serviced contract basis or as a stand-alone service to customers owning their own boxes or totes.