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The prospect of any move is always daunting, but it's a reality we all must face from time to time. But for teachers or lecturers facing a class or school move, it's important the upheaval doesn't impact on the students' day-to-day lives. Luckily, in the education sector there are windows of opportunities to plan a move, such as the summer holidays, so teachers and site managers can get on with the job in relative peace!

Whether it's a class move, or a move to a brand-new school or university, moving equipment, files, computers and books from A to B requires meticulous planning and scheduling. Luckily phs Teacrate have years of experience in managing school and university moves, and will ensure your move is successful and stress-free.

Teachers and lecturers accumulate a lot of important and confidential documents over the course of the academic year, so we know how important it is to you to keep track of your records. As the first crate hire company to introduce barcoded crates, we are the specialists in tracking and tracing boxes in a user friendly way, while also avoiding the durability and disposal issues found with cardboard boxes. Marking every individual crate ready for the big move can be time consuming. As one of the most trusted providers of business-move equipment in the UK, we developed a barcoding tracking service for crate labels, skates and cages. This technology allows for better crate management through effective tracking and traceability, with information available in real time, and eliminates unnecessary or unbudgeted costs for schools and universities. This system tracks each individual crate, identifying the location to help prevent loss, ensuring that your belongings arrive at the correct location.

We also have a range of specific crates and boxes, designed to safely store and transport valuable contents. Our flat screen computer crate offers a highly protective solution for moving your IT computer equipment, constructed from polypropylene, this crate is tough and hard-wearing while the attached lidded feature ensures they can easily be secured shut. Designed to industry specification our flat screen computer crate has been created to provide safe and secure storage for computers with flat screen monitors. The flat screen computer crate is also suitable for storing keyboards, cabling and related IT equipment and can be easily stacked to save workplace space ensuring a safer and more efficient move.

We provide a range of accessories such as keyboard bags, polythene bubble bags, packaging paper and cable ties are available to help keep the contents of our rental crates extra secure.

Our lidded file metre crate is the perfect solution for moving hanging or suspended files. This has been designed with integrated metal bars which allows your files to securely hand during storage or transportation. The integral lid provides increased protection as they can be fully sealed with our range of security seals. To save space, our lidded metre file crates can be stacked when full and nested inside side each other when empty.

The standard lidded crate is also highly popular for school moves. It is ideal for files, as not only are they tough, durable and weatherproof, these plastic packing crates can be sealed shut for extra security with our security seals. The standard lidded crates are specifically designed to comfortably store up to ten lever arch files and are perfect for moving a wide range of school items. These include folders, books, CDs and other desktop items.

With the largest fleet of folding library trollies in the industry and an extensive range of related packaging solutions, these provide a highly reliable solution for transporting books during a classroom, library or university relocation. Made from aluminium, the folding library trolley is durable, robust and easy to manoeuvre due to rubber covered wheels. You can easily fold the trolley vertically when it is not being used to save space when moving a library.

We help our customers find the right removal crates, packaging materials (such as bubble wrap, sack trucks, storage crates and more) and all the appropriate sizes for their specific requirements and then deliver on time, every time, with next working day delivery as standard. We're in every geographical area and because we're Next door. Everywhere, we are on hand to help wherever you are. With over 100 operational staff and a fleet of 29 vehicles, next working day delivery is available on all stocked items through our national network of depots, conveniently located throughout the UK, which also cater for customer collections at all locations. Customer satisfaction is our priority.