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Our Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values | Putting People at The Heart of Our Products and Services

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At phs, we put people at the heart of our products and services.

We strive for innovation, excellence, and sustainability in all our endeavours, and Our Purpose and Our Values serve as guiding principles for everything we do.

  • Our Purpose is the why. It defines the heart and soul of phs, and what we strive to achieve every day.
  • Our Mission is the what. It represents the specific actions and steps we will take to fulfil our purpose. It serves as a roadmap for our daily operations and decisions.
  • Our Vision is the where. It’s where we see ourselves in the future and is something we want to strive to create.
  • In addition, we have reviewed and refreshed Our Values, and they are the how.

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Here at phs, we have a unique company culture that has been built up over 60 years. As the business evolved, our culture and our values evolve with it. Clear values highlight what’s important to phs, and they help build influence in the way we do business.

Every day, we demonstrate that people are valued, our planet is respected, and our expertise is unrivalled. Our mission is to improve the lives of people, enhancing business and community spaces with the best value products and services, whilst always respecting the environment.

Ownership – We take responsibility and get stuff done

Teamwork – We work together and look out for each other

Innovation – We aren’t afraid to try new things to be the best we can be

Integrity – We do the right thing for each other, our customers, and the planet

Performance – We strive to deliver an excellent customer experience

Expertise – We are industry experts, and we share our knowledge