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phs Teacrate are the leading service provider for crates, handling equipment and packaging products. Moving over 9 million crates every year and supporting industries such as removals and storage, food processing and distribution, retail and fit out companies, making us the market leading crate rental service provider across the UK.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility goals and commitments are in the here and now; the focus of our values and priorities are at the forefront of our mindset, our modus operandi, embedded throughout our organisation and forming part and parcel of our daily actions.

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One of our biggest environmental drives at phs Teacrate is to prolong the life of our plastic crates to minimise our impact on landfill and plastic waste.

Our crates are made of the toughest plastic, ensuring that they can withstand heavy use every day, giving them a longer life. If our crates do become damaged, we will always look to repair them rather than replace them. We repaired 1,082 crates last year. Furthermore, we sold 34,981 old rental crates to business and individual customers for reuse, rather than see them go to waste. But the end must come for some crates, and when that happens, we send them to be recycled rather than to landfill. Our crates are chipped into plastic chips for reuse, ensuring our plastic is never single use.

we do more land

We also look hard at our logistics to make savings. We have scrapped our free next-day delivery service to create more efficient delivery routes that reduce our carbon footprint, and 71% of all of our deliveries are now along routes calculated for reducing mileage. Furthermore, we have replaced all our Class 2 vehicles with smaller vehicles, presenting further reductions to our carbon footprint.

“In our crate wash facilities, there are further green initiatives, including new LED lighting, making us 40% more energy efficient. We also steam clean our trays in smaller volumes to reduce energy consumption and water”.

What makes phs Teacrate different?

It’s our commitment to do the right thing. Minimising our impact on landfill by prolonging the life of our plastic crates. Scrapping free next day delivery to reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing the size of our vehicles, further reducing our footprint.

We are committed to improving sustainability and social impact throughout our organisation – from new initiatives and products to ongoing work that builds on our past achievements. By using phs Teacrate, organisations can make a difference to the environment and their bottom line as well as telling a good news story. It’s all about doing the right thing.


What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to phs Teacrate?

Diversity and Inclusion is about more than just laws and policy, it’s about creating a workplace that reflects society and embraces differences.

we do more land

At phs, we embrace difference and want people to feel comfortable in the workplace. Therefore, we are working to embed a number of initiatives into our business:

  • Disability Partnerships
  • BME and LGBT Job Boards
  • Gender Equality
  • Developing Our People

And as a company which has been built up over 50 years, we have a unique culture and values which help influence the way we do business.

Find out more with our phs CSR Brochure here

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