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An office refurbishment has the potential to offer multiple benefits, including cost savings, efficiencies and staff productivity. But whether you’re re-designing your existing workspace or planning a new office, the challenges of managing and maintaining a smooth and efficient workplace during this time can be daunting. phs Teacrate can help you achieve a well-organised and successful outcome. Our comprehensive range of strong, durable plastic crates meet the requirements of a range of sectors, as well as logistics operations across a range of industries. Our crates can be used for moving offices from one department to another whilst undergoing a refurbishment, or used for storage while your building is having a refit.

To help minimise losses during your refurbishment, phs Teacrate has developed a bar-coding system, giving complete visibility of the location of crates, vital if they are being used in different departments or locations. The barcode gives the crate its own unique identity which is scanned to provide important tracking information, reducing stock loss, whilst highlighting potential bottlenecks. This helps overcome the perceived anonymity involving unmarked delivery crates. The barcoded crates are delivered, scanned and recorded. An inventory is attached to the barcode once delivered on site, providing further traceability to complement internal procedures, allowing managers to work from any department or site whilst being able to locate their crates.

Manufactured from tough polypropylene, our industry quality IT1 computer crates are ideal for moving computers and any accompanying IT equipment. With enough room to hold a traditional computer monitor, our computer crates can provide the perfect solution for office moves.

Frequently used by professional movers, they boast a generous size, and are capable of holding a traditional 21” computer monitor as well as any related equipment. These include your mouse, keyboard and any wiring or cables.

Despite their large capacity, our computer crates can provide a great space saving solution for your workplace, as they can be nested when empty and stacked when full and in use. Also available is our flat screen computer crate rental. Designed to industry specification our flat screen transportation crates have been specifically designed to provide safe and secure storage for computers with flat screen monitors. Accessories such as keyboard bags, anti-static bubble bags, wrap and cable ties are available to help keep the contents of your crates extra secure.

Our LC3 standard lidded crates are highly popular for office moves and relocation requirements. Ideal for storing desktop items and valuables, not only are they are tough, durable and weather-proof but our standard lidded crates can be sealed shut for extra security. In addition, they are specifically designed to comfortably store up to ten lever arch files and are perfect for moving a wide range of office items. These include folders, books, reports, CDs and other desktop items.

We also provide LC2 medium sized stair crates, which offer a convenient option for transporting items up and down stairs and elevators within your workplace. Smaller than our standard lidded crates, our medium sized stair crates are ideal for office moves as they are the optimal size for easy lifting and handling. They have the capacity to hold a generous number of important files, papers and desktop items. Constructed from polypropylene, they’re not only tough and durable but the secure lidded design ensures that they can be fastened for extra security.

With over 35 years of providing the largest selection of plastic crate products available on the market, we’re able to offer a versatile and reliable service for a range of industry sectors including commercial and domestic removal companies, facilities managers and any business looking to move.

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