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EXCITING NEWS – to help support the huge demand for cleanliness of food trays and pallets, we are delighted to announce the opening of our third wash plant facility in London.  

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - In today's unprecedented times of living and working in a global pandemic, phs Teacrate are able to pool all its resources and react quickly to support you in the food services industry.

  • Home delivery crates
  • Roll cages
  • Shrinkwrap/packaging
  • Short term rental supply
  • Purchasing options
  • Ad-hoc wash service
  • Shortfall options in your own stock

Look no further, we can help. Contact us now for any immediate requirements.


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If you are in need of additional FC4 or FC4D (deep) food bale arm crates to top up to your own pool of trays, call or email us now to discuss your requirement. 


                                                                                                                                       Call or email us now!

                                                                                                                   Ian Cairns – 07985 259724 - iancairns@phs.co.uk   

                                                                                                                 Julie Briers - 07516 103118 - juliebriers@phs.co.uk

                                                                                                             Nicole Bruce – 07548 098528 – nicolebruce@phs.co.uk

                                                                                                            Lauren Hearne - 07742 400570 - laurenhearne@phs.co.uk

Supply to the food service market is critical, and with consumers expecting the highest standards of hygiene, forgetting to take adequate care over basic health and safety precautions will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Whether supplying raw ingredients, part prepared or ready-cooked items, all food service suppliers must ensure that the items arrive in excellent condition.  The reputation of both the supplier and the catering establishment relies on this.

phs Teacrate can help. We have a comprehensive range of strong, durable plastic Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) products to meet the requirements of the food manufacturer sector. We offer a wide selection of RTP food packaging including food crates, bakers trays, collapsible crates, bale arm crates, plastic pallets and pallet boxes. The strength and rigidity of the plastic pallets helps protect goods against knocks, and it is resistant to moisture and other contaminants such as mould or dust, giving you peace of mind your food is being stored to the highest quality. Attached lidded containers offer extra protection and provide tamper-evident security sealing systems. The protection this provides to food, particularly chilled or frozen goods is a further advantage of plastic food packaging over single trip alternatives.

We recognise that RTP hygiene is a major consideration in the food sector. That is why we offer an integrated wash service, with crates hygienically washed to the standard you require. More than 200 diseases are spread through food, which is why, during our wash process, periodic bacterial swab testing will be carried out, and Reflective Light Units (RLU) results recorded and logged.

We will pick up your used crates and wash them for you, so you won’t have the wash plant maintenance costs. And once cleaned, we’ll deliver the crates straight to your door, ready for you to use again.

Our environmentally friendly food packaging products are specifically designed for multiple trips over an extended life, saving you money in the long run. And as RTP eliminates the use of wood, cardboard and other fibrous materials, it helps to promote good hygiene. This makes them the ideal choice for supermarkets and food manufacturers.

With a national network of branches and a fleet of over 30 vehicles, our dynamic pooling system on our food crates allows you to combine the convenience and reliability of a product pool with the flexibility of ad-hoc rental. This means you’ll get a guaranteed supply of food packaging, all year round, whilst only paying for what you use. We move nine million crates every year, so with next day delivery, dynamic pooling and crate washing facilities with the capacity to wash over 400,000 crates you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

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