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NBAT/FC4 - Standard Food Tray

The NBAT FC4 standard food tray is lightweight and durable and is ideal for use in the distribution of fresh produce, meat, dairy,...

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NBAT/FC4D - Deep Food Tray

The NBAT FC4D deep food tray is lightweight, durable and highly versatile, making it suitable for use in the storage and distribution of...

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HP1 - Plastic Hygiene Pallet

Due to its integrated reinforcement profiles, the HP1 hygiene pallet is strong with a high load bearing capacity. The plastic hygiene...

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HP3 - Plastic Multipurpose Pallet

The plastic multipurpose HP3 pallet is strong and durable offering an optimum hygiene solution for use in food processing areas as it...

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PB2 - Rigid Pallet Box

The PB2 rigid pallet box is a robust container, designed for carrying large loads of produce. Reusable and hygienic, the pallet box...

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PB2/V - Rigid Ventilated Pallet Box

The rigid ventilated PB2V pallet box is a heavy duty and robust container, designed for carrying large loads of produce, bulked goods,...

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RC1 - Multipurpose Roll Cage

The RC1 multipurpose roll cage is an A-frame cage with a single shelf and roof for easy loading and unloading. This can be manoeuvred...

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PB1S - Folding Pallet Box

The PB1S folding pallet box is ideal for storing and transporting large volumes of produce. The highly versatile pallet box can be...

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SKF - Plastic Food Skate

The SKF plastic food skate is a durable plastic skate that easy to  Enquire now

1-9 of 9 products

Food Crate Rental

As the UK's leading commercial crate hire company for moving, phs Teacrate have gained expansive experience of supplying the UK's leading specialists and more localised move experts with a wide range of crates, skates and packing equipment. So whether you are planning an office, library or business move, big or small phs Teacrate is on hand to help. We have an experienced team who can advise your office staff on the most suitable containers for hire and packaging for your requirements. We can supply our crate rental service directly or indirectly through your removal company and have an extensive range of moving equipment, packaging materials and rental periods to suit all types of business moves and budgets.

If you need a more secure way to move valuable items, phs Teacrate also offer a more secure option - a range of barcoded trackable lidded crates. This allows increased visibility of your crates during your move, particularly if they are being used in different departments or locations. Our barcoded crates will ensure that you can track specific amounts of crates in and out of locations to help minimise losses. You can even track them on an App giving you traceability wherever you are, making this one of the most reliable and secure crate rental solutions in the country.

All our removal crates and packaging are available on next day delivery (if ordered before 3pm) from the multiple crate hire & packaging depots we have around the UK, and we operate a crate hire delivery porter service where crates are delivered to a precise location within a building. This is essential for inner city locations and high rise buildings. All rental options can also be purchased depending on your needs, making us the perfect option for convenient plastic crate hire services.

If you would prefer to discuss your unique requirements for crate and packaging delivery, click contact us to view our enquiry form/send an online enquiry to learn more about the #1 crate hire solution for businesses in the UK.