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How many crates do I need?

For both office and house moves we offer complete rental packages containing the optimal amount of crates. The set bundle deals will help you choose the best option for you, from extra small to extra large, we will have a set crate deal that suits your requirement and budget. Click here for the bundle deals.

What are the benefits of renting crates?

If you are looking for a convenient, easy and cost effective way to store, transport or relocate your items, then crate rental is your answer. With our barcoded products each crate is given its own unique identity which is scanned outbound and inbound to provide important tracking information.  

How do I pay for my crates?

During the checkout procedure you will be asked to pay by credit or debit card using our secure online payment process. If you are a commercial customer and you would prefer to set up a trade account, please contact us on 0800 980 6996 to set up an account.

How can I identify a card transaction from phs Teacrate?

Card transactions made to / by phs Teacrate will appear on your bank / card statements as one of the following: www.teacrate.com, Rentacrate, phs Teacrate or Teacrate Rentals Limited.

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

SagePay provide secure credit card transactions through their highly secure service. phs Teacrate does not hold any credit card information. Please check for the padlock symbol at the foot of the browser page and the HTTPS: in your address bar for peace of mind.

A padlock image shows that your details are being collected securely using 128 bit SSL technology.  Clicking on the padlock will show you the SSL certificate. Depending on what Internet web browser you're using, the padlock can be located in 3 different areas.

For more information about SagePay click here.

How does your crate rental charging system work?

We rent crates on a per week basis with the minimum rental period being one week. You can also rent for as long as you like! 

Consumer Credit Act 1974

We have a responsibility and legal duty to our consumers that we manage and handle agreements so as not to allow our customers to fall into debt. We will actively manage all contracts and limit the rental period to a maximum of twelve weeks. At this twelve week point we will make contact with you to confirm if the outstanding products are still required, before transferring any required items over onto a new twelve week agreement.

Once delivered, can I extend my rental period?

Yes, to arrange this just call us on 0800 980 6996 no later than the day prior to the agreed collection. Any extended rental will be charged on a week by week basis for all the products you still need on hire. We will stop the rental agreement at twelve weeks and then transfer any outstanding items onto a new agreement. 

At what point can I off hire?

You can off hire at any point during the rental period, however the minimum hire period is one week. To arrange this just call us on 0800 980 6996. There is no refund for pre-paid and unused rental periods.

Does phs Teacrate notify me about un-returned crates?

Yes, we will send you an email notification itemising all outstanding rental products that have not been received by us on the agreed collection/return date.

What happens if I don't return all the rented crates on time?

All outstanding products will continue to incur a weekly rental charge at the same advertised web rate. Following a return, you will receive an email notification detailing any outstanding items. Payments for ongoing rental will be debited at weekly intervals until these outstanding items are fully returned. For any items part returned from a 'Bundle Deal', you will be charged for just the outstanding rentable items (not the packaging materials) at the advertised web price for those products, in weekly increments, until all items are fully returned. 

Collection and Delivery options

Next working day delivery is available on all orders placed before 3:00pm Monday - Friday (UK mainland only). A timed option is also available for AM delivery (e.g. if you need the crates at a particular time) but additional charges will apply.

Our normal delivery and collection hours are Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Customer collection and drop off is available from any one of our 6 strategically located depots. We also have different sized delivery vans meeting most delivery requirements. We have many special delivery options (some of them you won’t find anywhere else!).

What is the cut-off time for ordering for next working day delivery?



Can I collect my order?

Yes, please click here for a list of our collection centres, and allowing one hour before collecting, if the crates are required the same day. Please refer to the depot manager or reception upon arrival.

What if I need to amend or cancel my order?

Amendments and cancellations will naturally occur. For both issues please call us on 0800 980 6996. If a cancellation is required please note that we need to receive your cancellation by 5pm the day before delivery, otherwise you will be charged the full amount for the first week rental. 

Are the crates stackable?

Yes, lidded crates may be stacked on top of each other when their lids are closed or nested within each other, when empty with the lids open. 

Is there a maximum load weight for the crates  when full?

The LC3B standard lidded crates have been tested to accommodate a load of 20kg per crate, and when stacked three high, the bottom crate had 20kg inside plus 40kg of weight from the two crates above. This test passed our QC control.

What if you don't have the stock I need?

We make every effort to ensure that all products are available for hire, however subject to stock availability, a different colour, equivalent or product substitution may occur. You will be notified if we are out stock of a particular item.

What happens if I were to lose a crate or want to keep it?

Any products not returned or deemed as lost whilst in your possession, will be subject to a replacement charge. The replacement product costs will be made available to you via your email confirmation at the time of your initial order.  If you intend to instruct us to write-off a crate as lost or wish to keep it to conclude the hire agreement, notification should be in writing via email to teacrateenquiries@phs.co.uk  and once agreed we will charge accordingly.

What are the crates made of?

All our crates are made from 100% recyclable tough polypropylene. Being re-useable, plastic crates are inherently more sustainable than single or limited use alternatives like cardboard.

Are the crates waterproof?

No. The crates must not be left outside for lengthy periods as your possessions and contents will possibly be affected. They are considered as 'showerproof' should it be raining whilst loading or unloading from a vehicle to a property.

Can the crates be sealed for security?

Our lidded crates can be sealed for security using cable ties and can be stacked and moved using our skates and handling equipment. Accessories are also available to label your crates, and protect the contents. If you have goods that need extra protection in transit, our consumable packaging range includes quilted covers and bubble wrap, all available on next working day delivery. To ensure extra security we offer barcoded crates. This gives the crate its own unique identity which is scanned to provide important tracking information, reducing stock loss, whilst highlighting potential bottlenecks.

I'm a returning user, can I open an account?

Yes, by registering to open an account the details of your new orders will be automatically saved in your account history. Please create a new account login when you next order.

Do you sell crates?

Yes. If you wish to purchase new crates please contact us on 0800 980 6996 to discuss your requirements.

Packaging FAQ

What is the minimum spend on packaging to qualify for free delivery?

Please refer to transport charges as this depends on the delivery postcode. Click here for these charges.

Can I collect my Packaging Order from a local Teacrate Depot?

Yes, please click here for a list of our collection centres.

How long will my order be available at the Depot for collection?

Your order will be ready for collection on the pickup date you've specified, please contact the sales team on 0800 980 6996 should you wish to change your arrangements.

How much packaging do you recommend for a house move?

Please refer to our Packaging bundles. 

Can I pay for my Packaging Order when I visit the Depot to collect?

No, all payment transactions should be made through the website via debit/credit card. We do not accept cash.

Do you offer a credit facility for commercial packaging purchases if buying for business use?

Yes, please call our dedicated Sales Team on 0800 980 6996 who will be happy to take you through this process.