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Services for the Facilities Industry. Contact us now for the supply of crate rental, roll cages and packaging materials.

There's no doubt that moving premises presents a lot of challenges for facilities managers, both from a financial and logistical perspective. Balancing budgets, staff requirements and resources all take considerable planning, along with the logistical demands of the move itself. And this is where phs Teacrate can help - our crate hire companies' services will make your premise move go as smoothly as possible.

phs Teacrate offer user friendly crate hire services for easy and secure moving of assets and stock - and an extensive range of related services including roll cages, lidded crates, packaging materials and more. We have a wide range of rental crate types and styles suitable for the safe move of most office items from IT equipment, computers and files to plant pots, mugs, documents and personal items. Our crate hire service is designed to help you achieve a successful business move, and as our plastic crates can be re-used time and time again, you won't have the disposal headache you would have with cardboard boxes. In addition, if you decide to use a professional removal company, we will work with you or them to provide the crates you need to ensure an organised and cost efficient move, whatever your size or wherever your location. Crates can be delivered directly to your specified location or to your removal company at an agreed time, and next day delivery is standard on all stocked items through our network of service centres.

Bar-coded Removal Crates
One of the biggest issues facing facility managers when moving offices or premises is the loss of important documents and information. Marking every individual crate ready for the big move can be time consuming, and inevitably crates will end up in the wrong location, or worse still, never turn up at all.

We understand that having increased visibility is important when transporting important and valuable belongings for your move. As one of the most trusted providers of business-move equipment in the UK, we developed a barcoding tracking service via crate labels for plastic packing crates, skates and cages. This technology allows for better crate management through effective tracking and traceability, with information available in real time, and eliminates unnecessary or unbudgeted costs for facilities managers. This system tracks each individual crate, identifying the location to help prevent loss, ensuring that your belongings arrive at the correct location.

The barcode gives personal crates their own unique identity which is scanned to provide important tracking information, reducing stock loss, whilst highlighting potential bottlenecks. This helps overcome the perceived anonymity involving unmarked delivery crates. The barcoded crates are delivered, scanned and recorded. An inventory is attached to the barcode once delivered on site. This gives complete visibility of where any crate is located.

phs Teacrate handles around 9 million crates every year in a variety of dimensions and sectors. We offer all related packaging products such as bubble wrap, sack trucks, security seals etc, allowing you peace of mind thanks to managing everything through one simple supplier contact. Operating our own fleet of vehicles from seven depots, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver fast and reliable deliveries, keeping us at the forefront of the industry and providing unmatched customer satisfaction.


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