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5 Ways Your Business Can Save Money With Crate Rental

With the cost of living affecting every aspect of the supply chain, businesses should be making a full assessment of their procurement decisions.

Whether your business specialises in food production or car manufacturing, reviewing the packaging your business uses to store and transport products could offer a quick way to reduce outgoing costs.

Renting crates from phs Teacrate is a much more sustainable option that you may realise. And with low-cost weekly rates on offer, renting offers an affordable alternative to buying that can be quickly implemented.

More cost-effective  
Your businesses can reduce waste disposal costs, and its environmental impact, by ditching single-use packaging.

Crate hire offers a cost-effective storage and transport option for all types of businesses. This is because crates made for returnable transit packaging (RTP) are strong, rigid, and have a long lifespan.  

Reduce waste disposal costs
Cardboard boxes easily perish with repeated use. There is also a risk of boxes unexpectedly falling apart, or even worse, absorbing unwanted smells and moisture. This means cardboard boxes will repeatedly have to be purchased and disposed of.

Unlike cardboard, there is no risk of RTP crates unexpectedly disintegrating. phs Teacrate crates are made of the toughest food grade plastic to ensure that they can withstand long-term daily use.

By renting your crates from phs Teacrate you can also guarantee the crates you use will have a long-life. If any crates do become damaged, we will always look to repair rather than replace them. When any crates do come to the end of their life, we send them to be recycled rather than to landfill. Our crates are then chipped into plastic chips for reuse, ensuring our plastic is never single use.

Guaranteed hygiene
By renting crates, your business won’t have to worry about wash maintenance costs or hygiene concerns.

Crate and pallet rental from phs Teacrate can include an integrated wash service that uses environmental and food safe chemicals, providing you with a safe and cost-effective

The phs teacrate wash process:

Improved safety in your business
With ergonomic handles, smooth surfaces and rounded corners, plastic crates present a low risk of injury to employees. This can help reduce health and safety injuries, and money lost from related downtime, while creating a safer working environment.

Crates from phs Teacrate can also be easily stacked when full and nested when empty, allowing you to easily store them in a safe manner that won’t result in a trip hazard.

Transport costs included
By renting crates from phs Teacrate you can reduce the carbon emissions of your business, while also reducing fuel and cleaning costs.

At phs Teacrate, we work out the most efficient route possible for the delivery of clean crates, and the collection of used crates, from customer’s premises. By using single use packaging this will also reduce transport and delivery costs.

Why choose phs Teacrate?

  • Crates available to purchase or rent on a flexible basis.
  • National footprint to support businesses across the whole of the UK.
  • All crates are hygienically washed at a state-of-the-art wash facility.
  • Reduces waste disposal charges and single use packaging

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