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7 reasons RTP crates are the best choice for your business

Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) is replacing one-trip (single use) packaging as the best way for businesses to transport and store their products.

RTP crates can be used to make business processes more efficient. The durability of these crates also makes them a much more sustainable long-term solution than cardboard boxes.

Why should my business switch to RTP crates?

  1. Cost-effective packaging

RTP crates are a strong and reliable packaging option. By renting your crates, you can also easily manage costs during busy or quiet months.

Increasingly expensive cardboard boxes easily perish with repeated use. Business that use cardboard boxes for transporting products will therefore have to repeatedly buy and dispose of these boxes.

Unlike with cardboard, there is no risk of RTP crates unexpectedly disintegrating due to rain or leaking products. For example, crates from phs Teacrate are made from tough food grade plastic that can withstand long-term daily use.

  1. Easily washed and reused

RTP crates can be easily washed, making them suitable for long-term use.  By renting crates, your business won’t have to worry about wash maintenance costs or hygiene concerns.

phs Teacrate offers an integrated wash service. (this link takes you to a page where it says we have 3 wash plants – we only have 2) This process uses environmental and food safe chemicals, providing businesses with a safe and efficient service. All items are prewashed, main washed, and rinsed. Our food and wash centres all adhere to ISO 14001 accreditation. 

  1. Make business processes more efficient

Businesses can see increased efficiency and reduced costs as a result of introducing re-useable plastic packaging into their business processes. From manufacturing hubs to retail stores, RTP is suitable for every sector.

The flexibility of rental crates will also allow your business to better manage outgoing costs, while ensuring you always have clean and sturdy crates ready to use.

  1. Can be repurposed and recycled

RTP products can repeatedly be used for long periods of time because they are strong and durable. When RTP products do come to the end of their life, they can then be repurposed and recycled.

By renting your crates from phs Teacrate you can guarantee the crates you use will have a long-life span. If any of our crates do become damaged, we will always look to repair rather than replace them.

When phs Teacrate crates do eventually come to the end of their life, we send them to be recycled rather than to landfill. Our crates are then chipped into plastic chips for reuse, ensuring this plastic is never single use.

  1. Safer to carry and transport

Damaged and wet cardboard boxes quickly become unfit for purpose. This unreliable structure of cardboard boxes makes them awkward, and often unsafe, for employees to handle.

RTP crates from phs Teacrate have ergonomic handles, smooth surfaces, and rounded corners. This creates a safer working environment by reducing injuries caused by unsuitable packaging.

  1. Free up space

RTP crates from phs Teacrate can easily be stacked when full and nested when empty. This makes it easy to store them in a safe manner that won’t result in a trip hazard.

Crates from phs Teacrate have been specially designed for secure stacking when in storage and transit. The ability to nest empty crates will allow your business to free-up transport space on empty return or pick-up journeys.

  1. Lower carbon footprint

Plastic containers have a significantly lower carbon footprint than their cardboard equivalents. RTP containers have a lifespan of many years and at the end of their life they can be recycled into new containers.

In 2021, phs Teacrate repaired 1,082 damaged crates. This is a much more sustainable process than replacing slightly damaged crates, as it further prolongs their lifespan.

The benefits of hiring your RTP crates

With phs Teacrate, you can source all the essential RTP crate products and services you require from a single supplier. We offer rental, as well as outright purchase options on our extensive range of RTP Crates.

If you are looking for a convenient and cost effective way to store and transport products, then crate rental is a great choice.

If you opt for crate rental with phs Teacrate, you can ensure a regular supply of clean crates will always be available for your business. With each delivery, we will also collect used crates for washing, providing your business with an efficient and fuss-free service.

Why choose phs Teacrate?

  • Crates available to purchase or hire on a flexible basis.
  • National footprint to support businesses across the whole of the UK.
  • All crates are hygienically washed at a state-of-the-art wash facility
  • No waste or disposal costs to take into consideration as with cardboard

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