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Bakers & chocolatiers get sweet on phs Teacrate this Easter

If the last year or so has taught us anything, it’s that we have to make the most of every situation, because you never know what’s around the corner. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of going in and out of lockdown and learned to appreciate the little things in life. Food and drink have become the nation’s way to reward, console and celebrate.

With another lockdown release on the horizon, everyone deserves something to look forward to this Easter. This time of year is just bursting with treats, from simnel cakes and hot crossed buns, to easter eggs and hand-crafted chocolates, so it’s more important than ever for bakers and chocolatiers to get their products to market safely and hygienically.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the last year is the unpredictability of the great British weather. The question is still, will we be needing burger buns for BBQs or crusty breads for warming soups? The good news is that no matter what you produce, phs Teacrate has hygienically clean crates, trays and pallets that will help transport cakes, bakes and confectioneries without damage.

On the up

Although sales of many products took a fall in 2020, parts of the chocolate market (estimated at nearly £4billion in the UK) are predicted to grow up to 35% by 2025, with the average Brit reportedly eating 11kg every year. That’s not all, such had been the demand for cupcakes and other sweet treats that business is booming for homemade goodies and small bakeries are expanding.

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Like any other Easter, the demand for edible delights is obviously there, so it’s time for these industries to make up for lost time and cash in on the early spring market and the UK’s sweet cravings. Restaurants and cafes have set themselves up as takeaways and delivery services, and will no doubt see an increase in demand over the bank holiday weekend, and indeed the school holidays following Easter. So, while you concentrate on crafting and baking, let phs Teacrate take on some of your logistical strains.

 Our depots are based throughout the UK, housing a large pool of stock, meaning that we can deliver crates, trays and pallets, wherever you need them, with as little as 24 hours’ notice. There’s no minimum order, and you can keep the stock for as long as you need, before we remove it at your request, whether that be from the same site they were delivered or elsewhere. 

Spruced up, spring cleaned & ready to go!

Thanks to phs Teacrate’s state-of-the-art washing facilities, every crate, tray or pallet arrives hygienically cleaned and wrapped for protection. Each socially-distanced delivery is made by one of our friendly, PPE-wearing operators. Or choose to collect stock safely from your nearest depot.

To help keep the economy going, phs Teacrate has been classed as a frontline service. So hats off, or should we say, masks on, to our own logistics team and our robust business continuity plan which means we’ve been able to assist many healthcare establishments, key retailers and suppliers throughout all stages of this pandemic, uninterrupted, and we will continue to do so.

The hardwearing plastic construction of our Reusable Transit Packaging is just as reliable as our staff and means that, unlike cardboard or wood, our containers can be cleaned over and over, and safely re-used. It also means that the trays and pallets won’t get soggy in damp or refrigerated conditions – a disaster for fragile contents.

No Easter surprises

Another welcome constant this Easter is phs Teacrate’s comprehensive range of products, all of which are easy to handle and compatible with your existing trays and pallets. The most popular Returnable Transit Packaging that we provide to chocolatiers and bakers are:

The FC4 standard food tray which has a capacity of 35 litres. These trays are vented to allow air to circulate around the products, while the sturdy plastic construction and nestable bale arms enable the trays to be safely stacked when full and conveniently nested for space-saving storage. At just under 20cm deep, the FC4 can accommodate one or two layers of products and includes insert areas for text and moulded-in logos, as well as hot stamp branding, which phs Teacrate can provide as an extra service, dependent on quantity.

The FC4D deep food tray has an additional 11 litres’ capacity, at 46 litres. Once again, it has vented sides and base, and nestable bale arms but is over 5cm taller than the standard tray, allowing a greater number of applications. This tray can also be branded.

The HP1 plastic hygiene pallet can be used with standard forklift trucks and offers an anti-slip top deck to ensure that trays remain in place during transit. The plastic construction allows this pallet to be regularly cleaned, unlike wooden pallets, which is perfect for food processing areas and any other application where hygiene routines are important, not just at times of a pandemic. At 120cm x 100cm and with a high load-bearing capability, the HP1 can safely accommodate several stacks of food trays with ease.

Eggsellent service

All of phs Teacrate’s products and services are backed up by our unbeatable customer service, giving you the reassurance that no matter what your transit packaging requirement, we’ll be able to find you a flexible, efficient and responsive solution.

Take a look at our Customer Satisfaction Rating  to see whether you think phs Teacrate is up to the job.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by not giving your chocolates, cakes and bakes the transit care they need. Treat yourself this Easter and get in touch with phs Teacrate to arrange delivery of hygienically clean and reliable crates, trays and pallets that will help get your products to store or takeaway in the best possible condition.

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