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Benefits of Renting Out Crates Rather Than Having Your Own

Using crates can be an excellent alternative to using cardboard boxes and other storage products. They’re strong and sturdy, and they can be reused again and again – making them an eco-friendly solution too.

Renting crates for moving house, for storage boxes and other uses is a great way to enjoy the benefits of using crates rather than buying your own. You can rent as many as you need, put them to use and then hand them back when they’re no longer needed. It’s a simple solution for moving house that can save a lot of time and money.

Explore the benefits of renting out crates rather than having your own.

What are storage crates?

Tea crates are storage boxes that are made from plastic and designed to provide strong protection for your items. They come in a variety of sizes and are easily stackable to help you save space. 

Storage crates can protect your valuables from damage, as well as keep them safe from the elements. They’re easy to secure and carry, making them the perfect choice for moving home or office and for storage.

The benefits of renting out crates

Renting storage crates is a fantastic solution for all your packing and storage needs. Some of the main benefits of renting out storage crates include:

A quick and convenient solution for moving house or storage

Storage crates are the ideal for moving house or for using in storage. They come pre-assembled so there’s nothing to build and no packing tape to deal with. Delivered to your door, you won’t need to worry about sourcing cardboard boxes or other packing materials. You can even benefit from same or next-day delivery to get your crates in a hurry.

High-quality, sturdy solutions

Cardboard boxes and other packing containers are useful in a lot of situations, but they can be perishable, especially with repeated use. Tea crates give you a high-quality, sturdy solution to keep your items protected. They’re hard-wearing and capable of holding heavy loads, while also providing protection from water and substances that could damage the contents.

Perfect for moving home, you can be rest-assured the contents of your crates will be protected until they reach their destination.

Rent bundles with everything you need

If you choose to book a rental bundle, you’ll get everything you need to make packing a breeze. phs Teacrate’s excellent bundle packs include the crates, security seals, bubble wrap and labels, the perfect packing solution for your move.

Excellent value for money

Renting packing crates provides excellent value for money. You can rent your packing crates for a low-cost weekly rate, making them an affordable alternative to buying.

The cost of moving can really add up, so choosing a rental solution for your moving boxes will help you save money while ensuring your items are packed safely and securely.

Use them as needed, then send them back

When you’re finished with your packing crates, simply arrange for collection and we’ll take them off your hands! You won’t have to worry about disposal or waste, and can feel confident knowing that the crates will continue to be used – which helps the environment too.

phs Teacrate provides crate hire for homes and businesses, catering to a range of packing and storage needs. Explore our crate hire services to see what we have available, or contact us today for further information.

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