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Can Downsizing and Relocating Improve Your Business?

Typically, business growth follows a set path, starting at home or in low budget workspaces, moving into owned offices, and eventually growing enough to invest in their own premises, which may continue to expand even further. 

Post pandemic, the way businesses and offices operate has changed significantly. In 2019, 4.7% of people in the UK worked mainly from home. By April 2020, almost 50% of people in the UK did at least some work at home. 

While that number has of course dropped again, it is likely significantly higher than it was before the pandemic. After all, 50 of the UK’s biggest employers have stated they have no intention of returning all staff to the office in the near future. 

This shift towards remote working means the requirement for businesses to have large office spaces has significantly reduced. 

It is estimated that up to a quarter of UK businesses are considering reducing costs and improving profitability by moving to smaller premises. This is not a UK specific circumstance either, with similar shifts happening globally. 

However, saving money after the pandemic isn’t the only reason to downsize your premises. 

Office Relocation Can Benefit Brand Perceptions 

Relocating to smaller premises allows you to implement new hybrid arrangements, and create more of a personal and welcoming environment to work in. A few decades ago, the priority was to cram as many employees into a space as possible, which led to soulless floors full of cubicles. 

We now know that this isn’t an effective way to work, but travelling further in the other direction can only benefit employee engagement, pride and productivity. 

In fact, operating leaner and more efficient spaces can show both employees and potential customers that you are proactive about your business and its ongoing sustainability. Allowing your employees more freedom to work where they are most productive and being more flexible with their location can also help improve your reputation as a considerate employer. In an age where customers prioritise companies with good working conditions, this will directly translate to improved customer loyalty too. 

More welcoming offices will also make your business appear more friendly and appealing to visitors, such as potential future employees or prospective clients. 

Improved Teamwork 

When moving away from a large office space, you have the perfect opportunity to leave a traditional, grey working space, and create a more collaborative team workspace. This can allow for improved communication and collaboration, allowing employees to tackle tasks and issues quicker and more efficiently than ever. 

What was previously a floor full of identical desks, can be replaced by boardrooms, shared work tables, hot desks, and social spaces, leading to improved employee satisfaction and a sense of community. 

Getting Support with Relocation 

phs Teacrate is the leading provider of rental moving crates. We offer both standard moving crates, and a full range of specialist removal packaging including: 

However, we don’t just offer the sustainable removal solutions you need to make your relocation or downsizing quick and stress free. 

We can also offer staff and vehicles to move them, security solutions such as barcode tracking for crates, 24/7 support, crate washing facilities, crates to purchase and keep, help setting things up in your new premises, and much more. 

phs Teacrate Crate Rental & Removal Solutions 

We move over 9 million crates every year and support industries such as removals and storage, food processing and distribution, retail and fit out companies, making us the market leading crate rental service provider across the UK. 

We provide an industry leading service with our experienced sales, account management and customer support teams providing expert knowledge and advice with customer satisfaction scoring of 99%+. 

To learn more about how we can save you money, time and stress on a relocation, allowing you to maintain focus on growing your business - or to get a personalised, no-obligation quote, contact us today. 

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