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Case Study - Universal Commercial Relocation

Background: Established in 1978, Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd is a family business offering a comprehensive removals service to organisations of all sizes, delivering the right move solution every time.  Operating predominantly throughout London and the South East, UCR has been involved in creditable projects with well-known names in Government, Professional Services, Education, Retail, Medical and Property Services. UCR’s dedication to the removals industry has been acknowledged through the award of 2015 Commercial Mover of the Year (CMOTY), amongst other accolades.

Challenge: At UCR, customer service is paramount. Each client is treated on a one-to-one basis with all services tailored to their needs. With such close relationships with its clients, UCR also demands special attention from its suppliers. Recognising that one of the fundamentals in commercial relocation is the reliable supply of quality removals containers, UCR decided to outsource crate cleaning and pool management so that it could better use its own resources. 

Solution: Over the last 15 years phs Teacrate has forged a secure relationship with UCR, supplying a full range of removal crates.  Containers are delivered to site as required and removed by phs Teacrate once they are finished with, ensuring that crates are always clean and functional, and in the right place at the right time. This long-term commitment has been demonstrated by the provision of customised crates liveried in UCR colours which have allowed UCR to extend its branding, and easily distinguish its own crates from others on site. The adoption of bar-coding on all of their branded crates has further enhanced the service, offering unrivalled transparency and visibility of crate numbers. This has also meant that the UCR crates are visible it Teacrate’s new Crate Agent App.

UCR has been assigned a dedicated account manager and is able to make contact with phs Teacrate’s office, online (via its customer portal Cratelink), via email or by phone at all hours so that last minute requests can be dealt with swiftly, and any issues are efficiently resolved.  

Benefits: A flexible and pro-active service from phs Teacrate has enabled UCR to concentrate on their relocation services without concern for crate management. Dynamic pooling means that removal containers are always available to UCR who only for what it uses, rather than having to store redundant boxes.

UCR can be confident that crates arrive with clients in a condition that is fit for use and is an appropriate reflection of UCR’s professionalism.

Sarah Cole, Managing Director at UCR and Chairperson of the Commercial Moving Group says, “Crate management is a high risk and time precious area where commercial relocation is concerned. Our partnership with phs Teacrate has enabled us to deal with logistical challenges that could otherwise have caused problems. They have the capacity to deal with all of our demands, yet provide a very personal service; contact with phs Teacrate personnel is always pleasant and positive, even when challenges arise.

“We find PHS Teacrate to be trustworthy, consistent and fully responsive to UCR’s requirements, often performing beyond our expectations.”