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Controlling COVID-19 in the Classroom

The new academic year is in full swing, but never before has it looked like this! Although education professionals and students are excited to get back to teaching and learning after a long break, the corona virus pandemic has meant lots of changes to routines and buildings.

Of course, we all hope that these modifications will be temporary but, in the meantime, correct cleaning and social distancing have required the rearrangement and removal of much furniture and teaching accessories. While such measures are in place, hygienic and convenient storage is needed to keep educational assets safe and accessible until they are needed.

phs Teacrate’s range of classroom-friendly crates offer the perfect solution for both transport and storage. Made from hardy plastic, the lidded containers arrive hygienically clean and ready to use. Unlike cardboard boxes, they can be easily wiped down, can withstand damp conditions and are sturdy when stacked. They can be delivered directly to your door by our friendly, efficient staff who are trained to observe COVID-19 protocols and when not in use, they can be neatly nested so as not to take up too much valuable space, whichever size of crate you choose.

Boxed Off - The LC3B Standard Lidded Crate offers 80 litres of storage space – that’s enough to hold 10 lever arch files or the equivalent volume of classroom equipment that needs to be moved or stored for COVID-19 reasons. The uses are endless – from craft materials to counting cubes. To keep the contents safe, the lid simply flips into place and can be sealed, if necessary. Dimensions: L710 x W460 x H370mm.

Booked In – The proportions of phs Teacrate’s LC6B Metre Lidded Crate allow filing systems or entire shelves of books to be put away or transported without damage or loss. The 130-litre capacity is ideal for short-term storage and means that items can simply be lifted out and replaced on shelves or in cabinets when restrictions allow. Perfect for reading areas or administration offices. Dimensions: L1160 x W480 x H320mm

Booted Up – To help create space and prevent student crowding, some IT equipment may also need to be temporarily moved from the classroom. phs Teacrate’s IT2B Flat Screen Computer Crate is tailor made for this job, keeping valuable computer screens protected and secure, and at 140 litres, there’s plenty of room for wires, keyboards and other IT paraphernalia, too. Dimensions: L750 x W570 x H480mm

All these extra responsibilities put additional strain on teaching, admin and site maintenance staff so phs Teacrate can also supply any labels, seals and skates. These should lessen the stress when it comes to identification and movement of crates. If relocating equipment off site, or to another part of the building, you may want to take advantage of our barcode tracking system which will effortlessly allow you to pinpoint any crate during the move.

Times are challenging enough without having to worry about logistics, so let phs Teacrate help you to make the room to keep staff and pupils as safe as possible as we negotiate our way through this pandemic. Call phs Teacrate now to discover how we can help. Keep it simple, keep it clean, take care.

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