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Crateful For Our Planet

At phs Teacrate, we’re committed to doing the right thing for our planet. We also know that our customers want to ensure they’re working with a supplier that offers eco-friendly handling solutions, without compromising on hygiene and safety.  

This is why we’re constantly continuing to embed sustainability into our products and services.

5 things that we do more…

Here are five reasons why crates from phs Teacrate are a sustainable storage and transportation option for your business:

> A long lifespan
Our crates are made from tough plastic to ensure they can withstand heavy use every day. This means each crate can safely service our customers for several years.

> Reducing Emissions
Our delivery drivers are a major part of our business. To reduce carbon emissions generated by these journeys, we have reduced the size of our vehicles.

We have also scrapped free next day delivery in order to deliver more efficient delivery routes. This has reduced the mileage of our delivery drivers, allowing us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

> Make do and mend
It’s inevitable that some crates will become damaged during use. However, we will always look to repair damaged crates instead of just replacing them. In 2021, we repaired 1082 crates.

> Never sent to landfill
Any crates from phs Teacrate that cannot be repaired will never be sent to landfill, they will always be recycled.  

One of our biggest environmental drives is to prolong the life of our plastic crates to minimise our impact on landfill and plastic waste.

> A new lease of life
When our crates do come to the end of their life, they are turned into plastic chips for reuse. This works to ensure our plastic is never single use.

Why choose phs Teacrate?

  • Crates, handling equipment and packaging products to suit the needs of every sector
  • No minimum order quantity on stocked items
  • Online crate management, GPS tracking, efficient routing PDA handhelds
  • National network of branches and a large fleet of vehicles
  • Competitive pricing
  • Barcoding service for ease of tracking
  • Experienced teams
  • Large amounts of stock held in all service centres
  • Porter services with timed deliveries

Want to know more?

Call us on 0800 090 2342 or Send us a message