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Home Food Delivery

Having the ability to adopt a flexible and adaptable working attitude will certainly be the key in these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. The sheer speed at which this pandemic has approached and overcome us, has certainly shocked us all, yet being ready to adapt the way in that we work, has in some ways given us a coping mechanism to make it through.

We are all experiencing disruption to our normal way of working, at phs Teacrate we are now having very different conversations with our customers and suppliers, as we all explore this coping mechanism. These conversations are turning to the demand for alternative solutions and products, and even perhaps finding an alternative customer base, product or supplier.

As the government’s stay at home instructions have firmly embedded, the demand for home delivery of food shopping and essential goods has never been so critical, so one of the ways phs Teacrate is adapting is to consider which of our products we currently offer, can be diverted and offered as a temporary stop gap, for the huge demand in home food deliveries.

In order to assist and support the affected industries, we have identified that our PC-1 and PC-2 carboard boxes are the perfect size for handling small parcels of food or essential goods. Made from durable double-walled material they are a perfect temporary substitution for the supermarket home delivery food trays currently being used. Not only will they assist to protect the contents, they will act as an insulation barrier keeping the temperature within the box, constant. Arriving to you in flat pack form, they will take up minimal space so assembly is required only upon usage.

So, if like us, you are looking to find a solution or service that works right now, then why not consider our products to fill your requirements short term. Please contact us now to discuss the possibility of using an alternative product during these never seen before times.

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