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How can Butchers in the UK prepare for increased demand during busy seasons?

For some people a weekly trip to the butchers is a standard outing. While other people are more likely to visit the butchers for quality meat during certain times of the year. Whether that’s for a BBQ pack in the summer or a turkey for Christmas day.

During these times it can be all hands on deck for butchers as they balance increased demand with trying to keep business operations running smoothly. One way to effectively manage the surge in demand while ensuring smooth business operations is to use Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP).

For Butchers across the UK, busy times of the year include:

  • Summer and Bank Holidays
  • Bonfire Night and Halloween
  • Christmas and New Year

In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips on how to prepare your butcher shop for an influx of customers during these peak periods.


Top tips for butchers to manage increased demand  

Prepare in advance
Track what times of year are busiest for your business and plan in advance for increased demand. Consider taking pre-orders if you don’t already. As this can assist with more cost-efficient resource planning.

Keep communications open
When demand is high, there are a lot of different customer expectations to manage. Make sure to give customers clear timescales and to keep them updated on delivery times and order cut-off dates.

Use sturdy packaging
Cardboard is not always the most hygienic or sturdy way to transport fresh food. Returnable transit packaging (RTP) is replacing one-trip packaging as the preference for transporting and storing food produce. This is because RTP is reusable and can be hygienically cleaned. RTP is also suitable for cold storage and freezing, which can help manage demand.

Rent extra equipment
Flexible equipment rental offers a convenient way to meet increased demand without having to pay substantial upfront costs. For example, you could choose to rent additional transport and storage crates as and when you need them.  


Crate rental to support butchers
All crates from phs Teacrate are thoroughly cleaned at a dedicated wash facility, using only food safe chemicals (Bacitirinse and Pentroclene Plus). Periodic bacterial swab testing is also carried out.

> Standard Food Crate - FC4
A strong and reliable bale arm crate with a 35 litre volume capacity. It can be easily stacked or nested.

> Deep Food Crate - FC4D
With an impressive 46 litre volume capacity, these crates can also be easily stacked and nested.

Why choose phs Teacrate?

  • Crates available to purchase or rent on a flexible basis,
  • All crates are hygienically washed with food safe chemicals.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy and safe handling.
  • Can be stacked when full and nested when empty.
  • Order online at your own convenience or phone today.


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