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How crates can help during the election period

With local and national elections on the horizon, the pressure is on local authorities to deliver a seamless voting system on polling day.

There are strict policies and procedures in place and security is paramount – and so is how polling station equipment is stored and transported, which can often be overlooked.

phs Teacrate has a range of stackable, lidded crates available for hire - ideal for use for on polling day to safely transport ballot papers, boxes and other materials in and out of the polling station. Unlike cardboard boxes, Teacrate’s plastic hire crates are strong and sturdy. They are easy to carry and won’t split, bend or crush, ensuring the contents is safely protected.

The crates can be delivered to any location across the UK, exactly when they are needed, and promptly collected again once they are no longer required, freeing up storage space and reducing waste.

Crates provide a sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes, which are often used once during the polls and then become out of shape and unusable. Teacrate’s plastic crates are washed and reused multiple times, for multiple purposes, throughout their life before they are recycled when wear and tear prevent any further use.

Teacrate also offers a range of roll cages, ideal for transporting crates, ballot boxes and ballot paper bags safely in and out the polling station, avoiding the need for any heavy lifting and reducing the amount of time needed for set up and packing up.

Take the stress out of polling day and talk to the team at phs Teacrate who will be happy to advise on the type of crate and cage that will suit your exact needs. Contact us | phs teacrate

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