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How protective packaging can make all the difference in your big move

If you’re planning to move home, move business or even sending office items for home working, you now face the logistical challenge of transporting your items safely.

Unfortunately, the reality of moving day be very different to how you planned it. Not only can there be unexpected stresses of last-minute delays and the big clean up after you’ve vacated, you could arrive to find your possessions have been damaged in the move. According to research, nearly a quarter of movers say their items did not arrive at their final destination in the condition they left in. As many as one in five movers report damage to large furniture items with 17% reporting broken glassware, crockery or electronics. And the average price of repairing or replacing damaged items was found to be nearly £700; a cost you don’t need on your already hefty moving bill.

If you’re under time pressure to move out, it can be tempting to pack up your premises quickly and take shortcuts. But this is likely to lead to trouble when you’re unpacking later. Whether the items you’re moving are fragile, expensive, vital to your business or just hold sentimental value, a little extra care is needed when packing up. Investing in protective packaging to properly wrap and safeguard your items will prevent damage and breakages, meaning you can get to work unpacking your new home or business without delay or costly repair bills.

How can I protect my items when moving?

Fortunately, careful packing is not a dark art. The answer is in having the right materials.

With more than 35 years’ experience, phs Teacrate is the leading service provider for crate rental solutions and handling equipment for moving as well as packaging products. Our protective packaging accessories do exactly what they say they do; protect. The phs Teacrate range includes acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, anti-static bags and furniture covers. In fact, we can provide protection for everything from crystal glassware and family photos to computer monitors and grand pianos. These simple materials will help keep your possessions and vital business equipment safe in transit, making your move easier, less stressful and more successful.

How to wrap small items for moving

Small, delicate items such as glassware, ornaments or jewellery are best kept safe amongst your larger goods. A mix of packaging paper, acid-free tissue paper and bubble wrap is what you’ll need.

phs' bubble wrap comes in rolls of 100m long and a variety of widths; 30cm, 50cm and 150cm. Cut to size, bubble wrap will absorb shock and cushion your items from bumps as well as knocking against other items.

While newspaper has been a popular option for wrapping up breakables, its black ink easily rubs off and transfers on to your wrapped-up items meaning they need to be washed once you arrive. Save yourself the hassle and switch for tissue paper which won’t tarnish or stain. And choosing acid-free tissue paper means it won’t deteriorate over time or end up damaging the quality of the items they are intended to protect.

How to protect furniture when moving

After you’ve carefully wrapped up all your smaller fragile possessions, don’t forget to pay attention to your furniture. While your furniture is usually the largest items you have to move, it’s far from invincible. It’s not only at risk of being damaged while being lifted and in transit, it can also cause damage to other things. Many doorframes and floors have been scratched, bumped or scraped by furniture during the removals process.

Firstly, dismantle all items that can be split into smaller, easy-to-handle pieces. You can then envelop them using a range of wrapping supplies, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring adequate protection. This includes 4-ply and 5-ply paper blankets, rolls of bubble blanket or material transit blankets. To look after your upholstery and homeware, look for either our paper, quilted or polyethene sofa, armchair and mattress covers which will prevent soiling and leave your furniture perfectly ready for your new home.

And for a bump-free exit and subsequent entry into your new premises, don’t forget to protect the floors and doors. phs Teacrate’s multi-purpose floor and wall protector provides an effective buffer from knocks, scratches and spills. Lightweight and flexible, these correx sheets are easy to cut, crease and curve. For your doorways, seek out our quilted door-frame covers and door covers and for efficient stairway protection, choose a roll of our clear stair stick; this protects stairways from damage, stains and dirty boots.

Protecting IT equipment during moves

Whether you’re moving electrical equipment in the home, such as kitchen appliances, games consoles and TVs or packing up your office supplies, you’ll need to ensure you’re handling these expensive tech items with care.

Help is at hand with phs Teacrate’s range of purpose-designed protective packaging for electrical items. For smaller items, get your hands on our handy 1m x 1m anti-static bubble wrap bags which ensure protection as well as dissipating electrostatic charge. Our keyboard bags are ideal for computer keyboards as well as a mouse, remote controls and associated cables; keeping them safe as well as all in one place.

If you’re packing up the kitchen, roll out the bubble wrap to protect your appliances such as toasters, kettles, irons and food mixers. And for flatscreens and monitors from 21” all the way up to 60”, protect them with our IT and TV quilted covers. For extra protection, consider one of our robust, large-capacity computer crates which are available to rent from as little as £3.99.

What are the best boxes for moving?  

Once your items are all safely protected, the final packing job is boxing them up. If you’re using cardboard boxes, ensure the bottom is well taped with heavy-duty packing tape, easily applied with our tape dispenser in seconds. Make sure the tape runs a third of the way up the box for added security – and don’t be tempted to use weaker alternatives such as masking tape, duct tape or sticky tape as you’ll likely become unstuck!

Find a wide range of cardboard boxes from phs Teacrate. These vary in size as well as purpose from standard moving boxes to archive boxes, mirror and picture boxes to wardrobe boxes. Better still, use a plastic removal crate which you can rent and then return, eliminating wastage. Once your boxes are full, fill in any spaces with bubble wrap or protective paper and mark those holding breakables with ‘fragile’ tape. And for an easy unpacking process, don’t forget to label each box or crate with contents and destination. Our Easy Peel Sticky Labels are perfect for the job.

For all your protective packaging supply needs, visit phs Teacrate online store today.

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