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How Teacrate Can Help You This Easter

Easter is an exciting time of the year for many people in the UK. It offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the start of spring by indulging in hot cross bins and easter eggs. For many families, it also serves at the perfect prompt to gather together for a Sunday roast.

Easter 2022 was busy time, as it was the first Easter we were able to celebrate after several lockdowns. Now that businesses are fully back to normal opening hours, we can expect that Easter 2023 will be just as busy. Therefore, it’s important that food suppliers ensure the right products are where they need to be, when consumers need them.

An ideal solution for transporting fresh and chilled products

Rental food crates from phs Teacrate offer a convenient way for you to manage increased demand during the busy Easter period.

These hardwearing plastic crates are sturdier than cardboard alternatives and won’t get soggy in damp or cold conditions.

  • Fully Compatible with supermarket stock.
  • Bale arms make them easy to handle and transport.
  • Stack securely when full, and fully nestable when not in use.
  • No minimum order, with a flexible weekly rental charge.

Tray wash services for guaranteed hygiene

All food trays supplied by phs Teacrate are washed in one of our state-of-the-art washing facilities. Providing you with a sturdy and hygienic way to transport produce.

Crate washing services are also available for crates your business may already own. You can opt for ad-hoc services during busy times, such as Easter and Christmas. Or we can arrange a regular wash service to ensure you always have clean trays available.

The phs Teacrate wash process (pictured above) has been designed to support food manufacturers and suppliers. All crates are washed with benign and food-safe chemicals . The crates go through a pre-wash, and a main wash that meets requirements set by the Food Standards Agency.

Recommended trays for food products

> 35-litre FC4 standard food tray 

> 46-litre FC4D deep food tray

> HP1 Plastic Pallet
For added ease, you can use phs Teacrate’s food trays in conjunction with a HP1 plastic hygiene pallet. These pallets are compatible with standard forklift trucks, offering a convenient way to handle large amounts of food trays.

Why choose phs Teacrate?

phs Teacrate offer a variety of rental options to accommodate new crate requirements or to top-up an existing supply. Last minute wash requests on your own crates can also be accommodated.

  • Crates available to purchase or rent on a flexible basis.
  • National footprint to support businesses across the whole of the UK.
  • All crates are hygienically washed at a state-of-the-art wash facility.

Reduces waste disposal charges and single use packaging.

Want to know more?

Call us on 0800 090 2342 or Send us a message