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food crates wash service
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Is your food manufacturing business ready for the Christmas rush?

Christmas 2021 is set to be an indulgent celebration for families and friends who weren’t able to celebrate together last year due to covid restrictions.

From Christmas dinner to boxes of chocolate, food will be a major part of our festivities in the UK. But how can food manufacturing businesses increase operations in a cost effective way during this busy time of year? phs Teacrate has the perfect solution.

Food crates and pallets

From standard food crates to hygienic pallets, phs Teacrate has a rental offering specifically designed to support the food manufacturing sector during the busy festive period and beyond. With ad hoc wash services also available for any type of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) equipment.

Wash Services

phs Teacrate has three state of the art wash facilities located across the UK. These facilities ensure  our crates are always germ and bacteria free. The wash plants also have the capability to clean customer’s own Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) equipment; regardless of where you purchased them.

How does the phs Teacrate wash process work?

  • Soiled or dirty equipment will be collected from your premises, or you drop off to us.
  • Products will be thoroughly cleaned at a dedicated facility, using only food safe chemicals (Bacitirinse and Pentroclene Plus).
  • During the wash process, periodic bacterial swab testing is carried out
  • Reflective Light Unit (RLU) results will be recorded and logged for cleanliness.
  • Clean equipment will be returned to your premises or available for you to collect. Any soiled or dirty equipment can be exchanged at the same time to repeat the process.

Hygienic crates available to rent or hire

Standard Food Crate - FC4

The Standard Food Tray is a strong and reliable crate with a 35 litre volume capacity.  It’s easily stacked or nested; and is fully compatible with supermarket bale arm trays.

Deep Food Crate - FC4D

The Deep Food Crate has a 46 litre volume capacity. These crates can be easily stacked and are perfect for use on roller conveyer belts.

Hygiene Pallet – HP1

The Hygiene Pallet is designed for hygiene sensitive areas. It has a high load bearing capacity, with an anti-slip top deck.

Multipurpose Pallet – HP3

The Multipurpose Pallet is strong and durable. It can be easily washed and is more hygienic than wooden alternatives.

Why choose phs Teacrate?

phs Teacrate offer a wide variety of product rental options that can be used to accommodate new crate requirements or top-up existing supply over the Christmas period. Last minute wash requests can also be accommodated throughout Winter 2021.

  • Trays available to rent on a flexible basis or outright purchase.
  • Hygienic wash services available for all types of equipment, including totes and pallets.
  • Nominated and dedicated account manager.

National footprint to support your businesses across the whole of the UK.

Want to know more?

Call us on 0800 090 2342 or Send us a message