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Case Study: Keeping Businesses Moving with MiTECH

phs Teacrate has been working with MiTECH Relocations for over 10 years, ensuring a flexible and reliable supply of crates for relocations of all sizes.

MiTECH, a major commercial and office solutions relocation company, works with businesses across the UK, handling everything from office moves to data centre migrations.

The business prides itself on its consistently high quality and reliable service which allows its clients to have the smoothest of transitions.

Behind the scenes, phs Teacrate works closely with MiTECH to ensure it has all the equipment needed for every relocation, from the right sized crates to packing materials, including bubble wrap, tape, bags and cable ties, efficiently and right on time.

Martin Flanagan, Office Manager at MiTECH, said: “The slightest hold-up can bring our customers’ operations to a grinding halt so it is vital that we have a trusted partner like phs Teacrate who we know we can rely on. They are efficient, quick to react and flexible, which is crucial in our line our work.

“We know we can just make a phone call to them and it’s done, no fuss. Whatever we need will be there when we need it. The team bend over backwards for us and really understand our business and our customers. They ensure the smooth-running of all our operations and we really value the relationship we’ve formed over the last decade. They are a vital part of our team.

“MiTECH is growing year-on-year, taking on ever bigger clients, contracts and moves, and phs Teacrate continues to grow with us, ensuring we can continue to offer the very best, most personal experience to our clients.”

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