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Make Easter Sales Sweeter with phs Teacrate

With such a tough year behind us, everyone deserves something to look forward to this Easter. Whether that’s chocolate eggs and hot crossed buns, or a business boost from takeaway treats and online food orders, we’ll all benefit as the lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

If your business means getting creative in the kitchen with bakes or chocolate, phs Teacrate has hygienically clean crates, trays and pallets that will help get your products to market economically, safely and hygienically.

Chocolate easter bunny

Going cheep

As we start to come out of lockdown this Easter, there is real optimism that confectioners and bakers will see an increase in demand from cafes and restaurants. To manage this expected boom, suppliers must be ready to get their products to the right place at the right time, in excellent condition so that they can justifiably charge the premium prices they deserve.

We know that many businesses are relying on Easter trade to make up for financial losses in the last year. Using food trays and pallets from phs Teacrate can help keep your costs down. There’s no minimum order and our weekly rental charges allow you to take as few or as many containers as you need, for as long as you need them. They can be returned all at once or in smaller batches so you only keep (and pay for) the trays that you are using.

Spring cleaned

Our 35-litre FC4 standard food tray or 46-litre FC4D deep food tray, with vented sides, are perfect for transporting fresh and chilled products, and compatible with supermarket stock. Bale arms make them easy to handle and stack securely when in transit or storage, yet fully nestable when not in use.

You can use phs Teacrate’s food trays on their own or in conjunction with our HP1 plastic hygiene pallet which is compatible with standard forklift trucks.

All phs Teacrate’s hardwearing plastic crates are sturdier than cardboard alternatives and won’t get soggy in damp or cold conditions. The polypropylene construction means that food trays and pallets can be washed in one of our state-of-the-art washing facilities, unlike cardboard or wooden containers, and are only supplied to you when hygienically clean.

You can choose to collect crates, trays or pallets safely from one of our local, well-stocked depots, where coronavirus regulations are closely observed. Or opt for a delivery by one of our COVID-safe operators. Each consignment will be wrapped, remaining free from germs until you decide to use them.

Don’t be an April Fool!

phs Teacrate covers the whole UK and offers next day delivery as standard so you’ll always have enough trays and pallets to react to demand for your tasty products. You’ve come this far, don’t let logistics let you down. Get in touch with phs Teacrate today to discover how easy it can be to get cakes, bales and chocolate from A to B.

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