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Making Moving House at University Easier: Tips and Tricks to Make the Transition Seamless

Moving house at university can be a stressful and daunting experience. From finding the right place to live, packing your belongings, loading them into a car or van, and then transporting it all from one location to another—it’s no wonder that moving house is dreaded by many students.

But with the right preparation and planning, you can make the entire process much easier and stress-free. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how you can successfully move house during and after university

Tips for moving house at University

Assess resources
Before you begin, consider how you are going to move. Are you taking your own car, getting a lift, or taking public transport? Your method of transport, and the distance you are travelling, will affect how much you can take with you.
If transport is an issue, you could also get quotes from removal companies who will transport your belongings for you.

Make a list
It’s important to know what you need to and by when. Create a list of everything you need to pack and do before you move. You can then keep referring to this, while enjoying the satisfaction of ticking completed jobs off.
Get sorting
Don’t taking anything you don’t need from your old home to your new one. Moving is a great time to organise your belongings. As you pack make sure to declutter and donate any items you don’t need.
If there are any times you will need in the future but not for the short-term you could also consider putting these into storage.

Label boxes
Label every bag, box, and crate! This means, as soon you arrive at your new home, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Pack with care
Pack it right, and you only have to pack it once. When packing precious items, it’s important to use soft packaging and not just throw things into a box.
Lots of people use newspaper to pack but this is not as safe as it appears, as it easily rips, and the print can mark items. Bubble wrap for precious items will ensure safety. You can also get specialist boxes and bags to ensure computers and related electronics doesn’t get damaged. 

Sturdy packaging
Opting for specialist equipment, such as moving crates, will make your move much more safer and efficient. As you won’t have to worry about boxes falling apart or getting wet.

Enjoy moving day
Moving at university often means moving to a new area, and for first-year students it may also be the first time living away from home. By having everything safely packed and clearly labelled, you can enjoy a stress-free move into your new home.


Recommended moving crates for university students
Moving is exciting, but the stress can often detract from excitement. Make moving as easy as possible with moving bundles from phs Teacrate.

These pre-made bundles contain everything you need for a smooth and efficient move. The standard lidded crates included in these bundles are for rental and all other items are sale items.

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Benefits of crate rental from phs Teacrate:

  • Choose home delivery or pick up from a depot.
  • Available to rent on a flexible weekly basis.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling.
  • Reusable and made from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Stack securely when full, and nested when not in use.


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