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Moving Bulky Items - A Complete Guide

It’s pretty obvious that when it comes to moving house, some items are a lot easier to move than others.

Removal crates or cardboard boxes are among the easiest things to move and, in the case of plastic removal crates especially, are designed to be easy to carry.

Of course, larger items, such as solid furniture that can’t be disassembled, can be quite a major obstacle when it comes to moving house. Such things can be very difficult to move, and even more difficult to fit through tight doorways or down staircases. All of this is without mentioning the strong possibility of damaging the furniture, other items, or injuring yourself.

Thankfully, there are many simple ways to make this task a lot easier, so let’s take a look at some of them:

Remove What Can Be Removed

Even solid furniture that can’t be completely disassembled often has individual parts that can be taken off. Maybe it’s the headboard on a large wooden bed or the arms of a sofa. Sometimes, something as simple as taking the feet off an armchair can allow it to fit through a doorway it previously couldn’t.

If you purchased your items already assembled or had someone assemble them for you at home, it’s possible you’ll be unaware of this - so inspect furniture from all angles and don’t be afraid to take things apart wherever possible.

Use Furniture Wrap and Protective Products

Packing smaller items is an obvious part of the removal process, but wrapping large items can be easily overlooked. With that said, heavier items are more easily knocked against other objects while being moved - potentially causing damage to both the item itself and walls, doors and other items around you.

Protective items such as sticky stair coverings, polythene chair covers, paper chair and sofa covers, and polythene mattress bags can all help keep both your furniture and your surroundings in perfect condition.

It is also a good idea to use the original packaging for larger items if it’s available - for example the box your television originally came in. These will usually be a perfect fit for the object as well as include protective polystyrene or similar materials, making them perfect for moving.

Plan Your Route in Advance

Before moving any larger furniture, consider measuring the width and height of it, then measuring all doorways and narrow corridors you will need to traverse, in order to ensure you have enough space.

Getting halfway down a corridor and then realising you can’t get any further is a very stressful and problematic situation as turning around and going back the other way isn’t necessarily any easier.

Also, plan how you’re going to hold the object - sometimes turning an item over and holding it lengthways is a difficult prospect in itself but will make the remainder of the process significantly easier.

Tape Moving Parts Down

Moving items that have moving parts to them increases the chances that these parts will be damaged. For example, when moving a chest of drawers, a drawer could slide open and scrape against a wall, or even slide out completely and fall to the floor.

Taking these parts off can add a lot of work to the removal process, but consider taping them down to keep them still and prevent them moving freely during transit.

Hire Professional Help

If all of the above seems too taxing, or you don’t have faith that you can do every aspect of it correctly, or the time is simply better spent on other things, consider hiring a professional removal team. Professional moves are experienced in moving bulky items and will have all of the equipment available to make the process go smoothly as possible. Of course, they will be experienced in loading vans efficiently too, maximising space and reducing the amount of trips required. This is also without mentioning the obvious benefits of having extra pairs of hands involved.

Here at phs Teacrate we offer the UK’s premiere removal crate hire services including barcode tracking, packing and delivery, allowing you to remove all stress and effort from the removal process and to focus on your normal daily tasks.

To learn more, take a look at our removal delivery charges or contact us now to discuss your move!

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