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Case Study: Moving Day Made Easy with Crates

“The removal company were over the moon to see crates, not cardboard boxes, when they arrived on moving day.”

When Marc Millett, a financial manager from Oxfordshire, was moving house, he knew he wanted an alternative to cardboard boxes to keep his valuables safe and ensure a smoother process on moving day.

Having seen phs Teacrate support an office move at his previous job at a major UK bank, Marc contacted phs Teacrate to hire crates for his own domestic move.

“The team at Teacrate were so helpful,” said Marc. “I wasn’t sure how many crates I’d need, or what sizes, but they did a great job of explaining all of my options and were so accommodating and flexible. The price was certainly a lot cheaper than having to buy lots of cardboard boxes and I didn’t have to worry about what to do with them after the move, so it felt like a positive sustainable choice too.

“I hired 40 crates which were delivered to my house a week before my move for me to start packing. They were really easy to use and stack and, as they are made of such sturdy plastic, I didn’t have to worry about anything at the bottom of the stack being crushed or damaged, or the bottom falling out of a box! I have a lot of fragile possessions, so this was great peace-of-mind for me.

“When the removal company arrived, they were over the moon to see crates, not cardboard boxes. They always prefer it as it makes loading the van neater and more efficient so the job can be done much faster.

“Once I’d unpacked everything in my new home, phs Teacrate came to collect all the crates which they washed, ready to be used again. It’s a really sustainable, economical and convenient way to move and I’d highly recommend phs Teacrate to anyone moving home.”

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