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Moving Home Facts and Stats

If you're currently knee deep in moving boxes and crates or trying to figure out how you ever got that sofa through that door, you aren't alone. Rising house prices haven’t deterred buyers and indeed, government incentives, aimed to boost the UK property market and encourage first-time buyers, have seen a number of us reaching for packing boxes and negotiating COVID-safe house moves.

Here are a few moving house statistics gathered from property news and housing market experts to keep you motivated while you pack…

While it might feel like lots of your friends and neighbours are packing up and moving on, housing market statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) claim that although 651,987 households in England and Wales found themselves moving house in 2020, this was unsurprisingly down by more than 22% on the previous year. Perhaps with all of us spending more time at home, we’ve just been noticing more removals activity in the local area.

The most moves occurred in the South East of England, with London, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Leicester being the most popular cities for a new home.

Which house prices sold where and to whom?

In the year up to May 2021, the average house price rose in all areas of the UK - Northern Ireland by 6.0% to £149,000, England by 9.7% to £271,000, Scotland by 12.1% to £171,000 and Wales, by the greatest proportion of 13.3%% to £184,000. First time buyers struggled a little with the price hike which was evident in the 5% drop in the number of house purchasers who were buying for the first time to 51%.

The highest average house prices in 2020 could be found at £5.8m in Westminster, London. With the average annual salary being £29,990 this would be quite a stretch for most of us. Luckily, average sold prices in Hartlepool, County Durham were more manageable at £24,000.

Of course, house price isn’t the only cost encountered when getting a new home. The cost of moving house varies from region to region, but the estimated average cost of moving house in the UK is around £8,885. This should cover survey costs, legal fees, insurance and estate agent fees with the possibility of a stamp duty payment on top (depending on the value of the house you are buying and any incentives from the government).

Your moving budget should also include , the services of a removal company, storage, redirecting mail, and cleaning.

What houses are people moving into?

An increase in the amount of time spent at home in 2020-21 has prompted searches for larger properties with half of homebuyers saying a private garden is essential, with 46% seeking storage and the same proportion requiring a double garage.

In the first half of 2021, the biggest growth in house sales (39%) has been for detached 4-bedroomed houses with demand for 3-bedroomed homes increased by 28%. 1 or 2-bedroomed properties, preferred by first time buyers, have seen just a 1% rise in demand - evidence of our search for larger homes.

How far does the average home buyer move? In 2019, most home relocations turned out to be within five miles, with the average house moving distance being just nine miles. This is reflected in the fact that although home movers may claim that they want to find more rural addresses, they usually settle in the suburbs of the same town or city. This is at a price however, as according to ONS house moving statistics, UK home buyers get more square metres for their money the further away from London and cities they venture.

How long does moving house take?

How long is a piece of string? It can take anywhere from 10 weeks to 1 year to secure your ideal new home on the UK property market. Factors such as fragile buying chains, survey hold ups, conveyancing problems or a pandemic can easily add weeks to your timeline for moving house.

Make sure that your packing doesn’t hold up your moving schedule. Get your supply of packing boxes or house moving crates from a reliable supplier, such as phs Teacrate so that you are well prepared to take your next step on the housing market to your ideal new home.


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