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Office Moves Checklist

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Whether your business is expanding or downsizing, it’s likely that your organisation will, at some stage, have to move to new premises. Because moving isn’t something that you do on a weekly basis, you may need a few pointers on how to make it a success.

Fortunately, we’ve seen many of our customers’ successful transfers from one building to another and so have a lot of experience and a great deal of good advice. Here’s our key tips when it comes to the office move:

1.    Stay Safe

Don’t be tempted to let staff move any furniture to your new site. Use a professional removal company who are more experienced, efficient and insured against lifting injuries, trips and falls.

2.    Compare the Numbers

Removal companies should happily visit your existing and new premises to size up the job. Get at least three quotes and weigh up the pros and cons of each, remembering to ask for testimonials. The cheapest deal isn’t always the best.

3.    Better by Design

Plan your office layout well in advance. Bear in mind the location of power inlets, telephone sockets, windows and access points. You may need to rehome some existing furniture and/or source some additional desks, chairs or cabinets.

4.    Spread the Word

Have you informed all of your customers and suppliers about your new location? It’s a good idea to send out a change of address card a few weeks before your move, then follow up with a confirmation once you’re safely installed. You’ll also need to amend the address on your company stationery, literature and website.

5.    Communications Review

If you rent any of your IT equipment, you’ll need to inform suppliers of your move. Don’t miss the opportunity to re-assess the number of workstations, printers and telephone extensions required. You may also need to upgrade the telephone line or broadband.

6.       Take the Easy Option

Smaller business assets and desk contents should be packed into suitably sturdy containers for the move. phs Teacrate can supply specialised crates in a variety of sizes, as well as handy packaging to keep everything safe and sound. With standard next-day delivery and a collection service from any nominated address, there’s no reason for them to get in the way of a successful move. Call us on 0800 090 2324 to discuss.

Happy New (Business) Home!