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Pharmaceutical Safe Storage Boxes

Secure storage containers and tamper proof packaging don’t get much more vital than when used in the pharmaceutical industry. Safe storage boxes and crates are necessary for the transit and stocking of drugs and medicines in chemists, hospitals, medical rooms and first aid posts throughout the land.

These medicine boxes need to be easy to handle and strong to discourage pilfering, as well as withstand bumps while travelling and rigid enough for sturdy stacking. Cardboard is a definite no-no!

So, what’s the alternative? During transfer and medical storage, temper evident containers holding pharmaceutical items, with or without warning boxes, must be kept safe, clean and dry. These are all things that moisture proof boxes, like lidded polypropylene crates or totes, happen to be very good at.

How does the pharmaceutical industry use tamper resistant containers?

Lockable storage containers may be heavy, expensive and difficult to move. They also require key access. During transit and for short-term storage where the medical storage container will only be opened once, on arrival at its destination or when other supplies have run out, re-lockable medication storage is not required, as long as the containers are placed in a locked room or secure vehicle.

Tamper evident containers are a cost-effective alternative to lockable storage containers. By using numbered security seals on attached lid containers (ALCs) to create tamper proof packaging, you can create secure portable medication storage. To ensure the crate’s integrity, simply check the security seal is intact and that the number on it matches that in the transfer log.

These safe storage boxes can be opened by authorised personnel and resealed with another numbered security seal to allow for multi-drop drug rounds or secure storage between uses.

phs Teacrate’s attached lid containers have tamper-resistant hinges with interlocking lid tabs for added security, and can be used with ticket windows to allow easy identification of the pharmaceutical items held within the safe storage boxes. The sloping lid surface with moisture proof dams and hinge drains keeps the damp away from the medicine box contents.

All medicines should be closely monitored but some, such as those used for cancer treatment or those with a black-box warning are more dangerous and, along with highly flammable pharmaceutical items will require hazardous material shipping boxes. Left over or expired drugs must be disposed of safely in medication storage bins and collected by a licensed carrier for incineration at a specialist site.

How do I look after medical storage containers?

Using Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) crates as medical storage boxes has the added benefit of being able to use the crates or totes over, and over, and over again without compromising their integrity and moisture proof features. With this high number of uses comes dirt in the form of dust, spilt medicines and repeated application of labels.

In the pharmaceutical industry, crate or tote washing needs to be completed to a high standard. It’s vital that you use a reliable and comprehensive service so that your safe storage boxes are where you want them when you need them.

As the leading service provider for crates, phs Teacrate not only offers state-of-the-art tote washing and pallet washing facilities, we also provide a de-labelling service at all three of our cleaning plants. Whether not you have bought or hired tamper evident containers or hazardous material boxes from phs Teacrate, we can accommodate your medical storage bins.

We’ll collect medication storage bins and tamper resistant containers from your site(s), remove all dirt and labels and clean to your requested standard – including food hygiene standards. After tote washing and pallet washing, all medical storage containers go through a rigorous quality assurance check with swab testing, if required. Lastly, the moisture proof boxes are placed on an equally clean pallet and shrink wrapped, ready for hygienic delivery.

Safe storage boxes can be moved around your site with a fork lift truck or, on smaller premises, by the use of roll cages. Other handling equipment, such as sack barrows and skates may be more appropriate to help you transfer secure containers, depending on the space available and the capability of your staff.   

Do I have to use off-the-shelf safe storage boxes?

phs Teacrate has worked alongside businesses of all sizes in the pharmaceutical industry to provide the best tamper evident containers solutions. We have a range of different crate volumes from 25 litres to in excess of 170 litres. If these sizes don’t fit the bill, crate tool ownership  and our close relationship with our plastic injection moulding manufacturer allows phs Teacrate to supply high volume quantities of custom totes or crates designed to your specification, including size, colour and branding, to use as your business’ medication storage bins.

Being widely used in the food industry, our crates are designed to withstand cooled or refrigerated environments, without compromising the contents. This makes them ideal damp proof storage containers for the pharmaceutical industry, especially when moisture proof medical storage containers are required for the likes of chilled vaccination doses or heat-sensitive medicines, for example.

When it comes to finding safe storage boxes and secure containers for your pharmaceutical needs, phs Teacrate fits the bill. Talk to us about how we can fill all your medical storage and transit needs with tamper evident containers, roll cages, and an RTP cleaning service that is tough to beat. Flexible supply, as and when you need it, and swift delivery make your work in the pharmaceutical industry a little easier.

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