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phs Teacrate is 5-Star with Trustpilot

If you think that phs Teacrate is all about crates and packaging, you’d be wrong. Our priority is, and always will be, our customers and finding ways to provide them with nothing but the best service when it comes to supplying crates, handling equipment and packaging products.

It’s always good news to hear that our customers are benefiting from the amount of effort that goes into our customer service, and with our latest update, we’re over the moon to say that we’ve achieved a 5-star Trustpilot rating!

If you’ve never heard of Trustpilot, you could be missing a trick. Used by over 270,000 businesses as a forum for customers to post feedback, we’ve found it an excellent way of getting to know our customers better. Through the review platform we’ve been able to engage with our customers to fine tune our service and continue to be a leading crate rental company in the UK.

Why We Value Our Trustpilot Reviews

phs Teacrate hasn’t got where it is today without a lot of hard work. And key to that success is listening to our customers to find out what we do right, what we could do better and things that they’d like us to do that we don’t yet offer. Over the decades, as we’ve developed as a business, and been able to gain customer feedback, we delighted to say that the ‘right’ far outweighs the ‘could do better’ and our recent 5-star Trustpilot rating demonstrates this.

Ever wanted to buy a product or service and not known where to start? Struggled to find out which suppliers are reliable, good value for money and provide products and services that will fulfil your requirements? It’s not always easy to track down the right supplier.

When we started off in this industry, over 35 years ago, recommendations were mostly made by word of mouth with no internet and certainly no social media. With nowhere to voice opinions, one way or the other, anyone seeking out crate rental services for the first time could very well have struggled to find a recommended supplier.

Trial and error can be a costly experience and we know that some customers will have had unfortunate experiences before finding a supplier they were comfortable with. It didn’t just happen in the crate rental industry. Whenever anyone wanted a new supplier, whether it be for a hair cut or an industrial widget, the only recommendations came from the limited experiences of friends and colleagues, or the occasional magazine that might have carried a feature on the product or service you required.

Because of this, not only did it take a long time to find the right supplier, it was also difficult to spread the news when you did!  All too often, good service went unrecognised. It also meant that, as a supplier, we didn’t always hear about ways in which we could improve our customer offering.

Now, it’s all too easy to leave a review either directly on a website, on a social media page or via an independent customer review website, like Trustpilot. It allows customers to rate products and services with one to 5 stars, providing an average TrustScore for each business.  In doing so, customers can help the purchasing decision of others and, where necessary, allow suppliers to respond and react to recommendations on how they can improve their product or service.

Hear About Great Crate Rental from the Horse’s Mouth

We know that horses don’t use crates, but if they did, they’d be able to tell us about their experience with phs Teacrate on Trustpilot in a few easy steps. You can do this too by visiting www.trustpilot.com and searching for the business that you want to review. Then simply rate them from one to five stars, enter an optional comment and verify yourself via email, Google or Facebook, to prevent spam or fake reviews.

Any business worth their salt (phs Teacrate included) will monitor their Trustpilot reviews, providing feedback, thanks and more information if required. If you’d like to tell us (and the rest of the world) about your experience with phs Teacrate, please do. You’ll find our Trustpilot profile here.

If you’re searching for a particular supplier – for business or leisure - you can also search Trustpilot for reviews on them by clicking on the ‘Categories’ tab in the navigation bar. You’ll see hundreds of product groups and once you’ve found the right one, you’ll be taken to a list of businesses who have registered in this category. Because they’re listed with the highest TrustScore first, you’ll instantly be able to see which is rated best.

Trustpilot allows customers to search more than 56 million reviews to discover the right supplier for them. Search by category for anything from Art Supplies to Water Supplies; Car Care to Skincare to find our who is providing great service, and who isn’t. Read the reviews to double check that they are the right supplier for you and the rest is up to you…

Consistently Great Crate Customer Service

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we were fairly confident when we first hooked up with Trustpilot in 2017 that we’d get rave reviews. At phs Teacrate, we don’t only invest in our crate and packaging products, storage depots and washing facilities but also in our staff, ensuring that they provide excellent customer care through our call centre and account management teams, as well as training diligent and polite delivery drivers. Our pool of crate stock and fleet of vehicles ensure that all orders are on site when needed, often with as little as 24 hours’ notice, wherever that is in the UK.

We’ve also invested heavily in our online ordering and crate management system as well as our barcoded removal crate system that allows you to track the progress of every crate while it’s on the move.

It’s a good job, as there’s absolutely nowhere to hide on the Trustpilot site. Reviews are posted warts and all, to allow prospective customers to get a real insight of all businesses rated there. Trustpilot founder and CEO, Peter Holten Mühlmann, says that his pioneering website is, “More than just a rating, Trustpilot stars signify that a company has nothing to hide, loves its customers and shares our mission to create ever-improving experiences for everyone.”

Some of the positive aspects that customers have picked up on in their phs Teacrate reviews have include no-hassle delivery and collection, helpful, quick and efficient customer service, and great quality crates, all supplied in a friendly manner.

One of the things that we like most about the Trustpilot portal is that it allows us to give credit where credit is due, passing on praise to individual team members who go above and beyond to help phs Teacrate customers find the right solution when it comes to crate rental or packaging purchase. Messages from customers also help us to spot when we need to reassess any of our procedures or products.

Because we’re grateful for the time that our customers take to review phs Teacrate, we’re happy to spend the time reading every single comment and replying individually to let them know how valued they really are.

“Amazing service…”, “excellent…”, “great crates…”, “great value, great team. I wish all our other suppliers were like this!” are just a few of the lovely comments that we’ve received. If you haven’t experienced phs Teacrate, read our Trustpilot reviews, then get in touch for a free no-obligation quote for crate or packaging supply and and see if you agree.