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phs Teacrate’s Top Tips to Keep Valuables Safe When Moving

Moving can be very stressful. We pack all of our home or business into numerous boxes, load them into a van or lorry and expect them to arrive safe and sound at the other end. Unless you oversee every single step of the move yourself, how can you be sure that your valuables aren’t thrown around, stacked incorrectly or subjected to potholed roads and sudden stops along the way?

According to a Moving Day Blunders blog post accidental damage can cost thousands even though removal firms will do their best to ensure that nothing gets broken, including securing loads with straps and arming themselves with insurance. But when heirloom jewellery gets damaged or lost, vital IT equipment is compromised or the oil painting that was handed down from your great aunt Flo gets broken, money isn’t always a suitable replacement. Not to mention the hassle of claiming from the insurance company.

Short of teleporting your belongings to their new home, you can improve the chances of keeping your valuables safe when moving by making use of adequate packaging materials.

Which packaging materials will keep my valuables safe?

Here’s our top tips:

Before you pack anything, you’ll need to find some sturdy boxes. Steer clear of cardboard boxes if your valuables are going to be stored for any amount of time, since cardboard can degrade and will get soggy in rainy or cold conditions. Plastic crates are a safe option as they can’t be penetrated and are easy to stack securely. They can also be washed and re-used.

Create a pad at the bottom of the box using packing paper, and wrap items individually using acid-free tissue or bubble wrap.

Don’t forget to use more packing paper to fill any gaps in the box or crate, and make another pad for the top of the box. These packaging materials will act as shock absorbers if the box is jolted or dropped.

For other valuables, you might find that anti-static bubble bags are more appropriate.

How to use bubble bags

Anti-static bubble bags are available in different sizes to cope with all of your valuables, from jewellery to vases, pictures to clocks, and in the workplace, IT equipment of all sizes. As with bubble wrap, the integral air pockets absorb impact to protect the contents, reducing the chance of cracks, dents and scuffs. Anti-static properties mean that as well as protecting electrical products from static damage, these bubble wrap bags won’t attract dust and so are suitable for long-term storage.

If you want to know how to use bubble bags, it couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to find a pair of scissors to cut to size or get tangled up when spreading a roll of bubble wrap over a table or floor. Simply drop your valuables into the bag and seal it securely.

Whether you’ve used bubble wrap, anti-static bubble bags or packing paper, make sure that you label any boxes or crates that contain valuable, breakable or sentimental items as ‘fragile’ which should ensure that the handlers take extra care to avoid accidental damage.

Is bubble wrap recyclable?

The UK is getting better at recycling all the time and the availability of plastic recycling technology and facilities is increasing. Some councils now offer a household plastics collection, which includes plastic film, carrier bags and bubble wrap. Thanks to these operations, Veolia has reported a 10 percent increase in kerbside plastics collected in the year up to December 2020. Your local council should be able to advise is bubble wrap recyclable in your area.

Where this service isn’t available, bubble wrap and anti-static bubble bags can be recycled at carrier bag collection points in supermarkets, or re-used as packaging materials for future moving or storage projects. They’re also perfect for protecting fragile or valuable items when sending by post.

Whether you use packing paper, bubble wrap or anti-static bubble bags to keep possessions safe while moving, we’d always recommend recruiting a specialist remover for particularly valuable items.

phs Teacrate offers a wide range of crates, boxes and packaging materials, including bubble wrap, to help keep all your valuables safe in transit and minimise the chance of accidental damage. Get in touch today or visit our online store for information on our full range and more top tips for achieving a safe move.

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