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Room by room: The ultimate packaging guide for a stress-free move

Moving house can be a daunting task but, with the right approach to packaging, it can become a smoother and more manageable process. At phs Teacrate, we understand the importance of efficient packing, which is why we've crafted this comprehensive room-by-room packaging guide to help you tackle your move with ease. From the kitchen to the bedroom, we'll walk you through the best practices and key considerations for each space, ensuring your belongings are packed securely and your move is stress-free.



The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to packing. With so many breakables, electronics and sharp edges, packing up a kitchen ready for a move definitely requires proper planning.


To start, gather sturdy boxes or crates specifically designed for kitchen items to ensure they're adequately protected during transit. Remember:

  • Organisation is key: Begin by sorting through your kitchen items and decluttering any unused or expired items. Group similar items together to make packing and unpacking easier.
  • Bubble wrap for fragile items: Wrap fragile items such as glassware, dishes and ceramics in bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of protection against breakage.
  • Use dividers: Utilise cardboard dividers or inserts within boxes to keep glasses and mugs separated and prevent them from knocking into each other.
  • Heavy items on bottom: Place heavier items such as pots, pans and small appliances at the bottom of boxes to provide stability.

Our top tip: Label each box with its contents and destination room to streamline the unpacking process – and make sure to leave the tea, kettle and cups at the top of a box, for immediate access in your new kitchen!


Living Room

From electronics to delicate decor pieces, the living room is often filled with a variety of items that can prove tricky when it comes to moving house – so make sure you have the right packaging accessories to hand.


Here's how to pack your living room efficiently and ensure everything arrives safely:

  • Protect electronics: Wrap electronics such as TVs, speakers and gaming consoles in bubble wrap to prevent damage during transit. Secure cables and accessories in labelled bags to keep them organised.
  • Wrap fragile decor: Delicate items such as vases or frames should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packed snugly in boxes with cushioning material to prevent shifting.
  • Consider furniture: If possible, disassemble larger furniture pieces, such as coffee tables and bookshelves. Store screws and hardware in labelled bags and tape them to the corresponding furniture piece to avoid misplacement.

Our top tip: Take photos of your electronics and furniture assembly before disassembling them to use as a reference during the reassembly process.



When it comes to packing the bedroom, prioritise protecting bedding, clothing and personal items. Follow these tips to efficiently pack your bedroom belongings:

  • Use wardrobe boxes: Invest in wardrobe boxes to transport hanging clothes without having to remove them from hangers. This will save time and keep your clothes wrinkle-free.
  • Protect mattresses and bedding: Encase mattresses and box springs in protective covers to shield them from dust and damage. Vacuum-sealed bags are ideal for compressing bedding and clothing to save space.
  • Secure fragile items: Fragile items such as lamps and decorative mirrors should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in boxes with plenty of cushioning material to prevent breakage.

Our top tip: Pack a separate "essentials" box containing items you'll need immediately upon arrival, such as pyjamas, bedding and a change of clothes.



The bathroom may seem small, but it's filled with numerous small items that require careful packing. Follow these tips to efficiently pack your bathroom essentials:

  • Secure toiletries: Place toiletries – like shampoo, conditioner and skin care products – in sealable plastic bags or containers to prevent leaks during transit. Wrap fragile items like mirrors and glass containers in bubble wrap.
  • Protect towels and linens: Roll towels and linens tightly to conserve space and place them in sturdy boxes. Cushion fragile items with towels or linens to provide extra protection.
  • Label hazardous items: If you're transporting cleaning supplies or other hazardous materials, ensure they're properly labelled and packed securely to prevent spills or accidents.

Our top tip: Pack a small first aid kit in your essentials box to handle any minor injuries that may occur during the move.


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With the right approach to packaging, moving house can be a less daunting task. By following this room-by-room guide and incorporating best practices for packing, you can ensure your belongings arrive safely – and that your move is as stress-free as possible!

Check out our moving house checklist for tips on how to make moving even easier.

Remember, proper packaging is key to a successful move. Discover phs Tecrate’s moving home bundles and packaging accessories.

At phs Teacrate, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions to suit your needs, from sturdy boxes to protective covers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your move a breeze.


Happy packing!

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