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Serviced Offices – An option for your business?

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Life can be unpredictable and business even more so, so flexibility is a valuable selling point when offering goods and services to all sizes of companies. Serviced offices provide the kind of dynamic space that allows businesses to adapt to everything the market throws at them – whether that be seasonal success or a growing customer base – with the minimum of effort when it comes to accommodation.

Whether your business is a fledgling venture, a growing empire or an established firm looking for a new direction, there’s a good selection of serviced offices in every city and most towns across the UK. According to leading property agent, Savills, the serviced office market has grown by a phenomenal rate in  recent years.

Investing in premises is one of the biggest commitments that an office-based business can make. Due to the commitment and money involved, you and your business need to be sure that you’re in the right space, which is often hard to predict if you are a new or a growing organisation.

Easy-Peasy Office Solution

Serviced offices provide all of the basics needed for the running of a credible and efficient business without the financial obligations of a mortgage or lease. Most serviced offices can be rented for anything from a week to several years. The management company will usually allow you to take on extra space, move within the building or to another property, as and when you require.

Already fitted with internet and phone facilities, and with access to printers and copiers, serviced offices are often ready furnished with desks, chairs and cabinets. Tenants can also take advantage of shared reception staff, meeting rooms, breakout facilities and even games rooms. With the costs of these amenities and the building maintenance split between the tenants, serviced offices are a very attractive and cost-effective option for all kinds of businesses.

Importantly, this set-up also allows your business to move in with as little disruption as possible. After all, time is money and not everyone can afford to down tools for a couple of days to organise a new office.

Moving Up, Down or Sideways

If and when the time comes to move premises, whether to a bigger space or across town, you’ll need some help getting all of your business from A to B, safely. That means acquiring suitable containers in which to pack, move and possibly store business assets, ready for their new home. Since you’re in rented accommodation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rent your moving crates too.

With over 35 years’ experience, phs Teacrate is the industry’s leading crate hire company, supplying an extensive range of crates on a rental basis. With rental periods from one week, the crates can be kept for as long as you need, with the facility to extend the contract or increase/decrease the number of crates, if required. We have extensive experience of working with serviced offices and their tenants, as well as supporting professional, commercial and domestic removal companies, facilities managers and any business needing to move or store items or equipment. No matter the size of the move, phs Teacrate is here to help.

Every year we move over 9 million crates, nationwide with the help of over 100 operational staff based out of our numerous, strategically located depots. Our fleet of delivery vehicles ensure that next day delivery is offered as standard (for orders placed before 4pm). Our porter service will ensure that crates are delivered directly where you need them – even if you’re on the 20th floor!

Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene, phs Teacrate crates are tough and re-usable. They can be stacked safely and sturdily when in use, and tidily nested when empty. As well as crates, we can also supply an extensive range of packaging products and accessories which are perfect for keeping essential business assets safe during an office move. From a single PC keyboard bag to a 4-seater sofa cover, our effective products provide the reassurance that your belongings are being protected during transit.

Smooth Moves

Thankfully, moving premises isn’t something that your business will need (or want) to do on a regular basis. So, even though you may have found the ideal new venue and a reliable crate supplier, like phs Teacrate, there are still a few things you’ll need to bear in mind.

Be Professional: You wouldn’t let someone unqualified handle your business so, when it comes to lifting and transporting your firm’s assets, make sure you use a professional removal firm. Their experience should ensure that all of your business’ belongings make it safely to their new home and since they are properly insured, any accidents or injuries will not impact your business.

Figure It Out: Get several quotes for any removal work and compare like for like - cheapest isn’t always best. Make sure that the quote includes delivery and placement in your office and not just to the building reception. phs Teacrate will be happy to quote for crate rental, just give us a call.

Take a Seat: Although some furniture will probably be supplied with your serviced office, you should design the layout before you arrive, including a seating plan, taking into consideration the location of power sockets and telephones, windows and doors. This will help staff to set up and get stuck into work more quickly.

Shout About It: The beauty of using a serviced office is that you won’t have to notify any of your utility providers about your move, so there’ll be no meter readings or final bill payments. All you need to do is let your customers know about your new address, even if it is just across the hall from your old office and perhaps take the opportunity to show off your new premises with a launch party!

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