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Sustainable Packaging: Food Crates

Food crates are used by all kinds of businesses that produce or sell food. From farmers to supermarkets, food crates are particularly useful for transporting and storing food safely. 

Many companies choose food crates because they are a greener way to take care of your food packaging. They are reusable and easy to maintain, and with the help of a food crate rental service, you can ensure your crates are carefully cleaned to help you maintain clean and hygienic food services. 

With many different options available, using food crates can help you improve sustainability within your business or organisation, and even save money too. Learn more about food crates and their sustainable benefits with phs Teacrate. 

What are food crates used for? 

Food crates have all kinds of uses in the food and drink industry. Some of their main uses include: 

  • Food storage - providing protection and ensuring products can be organised neatly. 
  • Transportation – food crates are ideal for transporting food, and are popular with supermarkets for home deliveries. 
  • Distribution – they are ideally suited for warehouses and can be stacked and managed easily to maintain control of the supply chain. 
  • Visual displays – food crates provide ideal storage for food displays in shops, for markets and food stalls. 
  • Cold storage – can be used easily to store food in industrial freezers and refrigerators. 

Whatever you need your food crates for, choosing a reusable, versatile food crate can help you maintain sustainable practices and help your business save waste. 

How food crates can help you reduce waste 

Food crates are an excellent alternative to other types of food packaging such as cardboard boxes or single-use crates. This is because they can be reused easily so that you can use them for all of your food storage and packaging needs over and over again. 

Designed to be strong and durable, food crates have a long lifespan. Provided they are carefully maintained, food crates can be a long-lasting investment for your business. Whether you choose to buy or rent your food crates, you can benefit from food crates that will go the distance. 

The benefits of using food crates 

So why should you use food crates? Some of the main benefits include: 

Strong, hard-wearing storage for your products 

Most food items are susceptible to damage with some knocks or bumps – which can make your products less appealing to your customers. With the help of packing crates, your items can be stored in a sturdy and durable environment, ensuring your products continue to look their best. 

Easily stackable, saving space 

Food crates are designed to be stackable, which can help save space. Whether you need to store your products or transport them, using stackable food crates will help keep things organised, and save a lot of space compared to non-stackable options.  


If you’re looking for an affordable way to store and transport your food products, then packing crates are a particularly effective solution. Not only are they affordable to buy or rent, but because of their durability, they are a reliable long-term investment too.  

Help prevent waste 

Food packaging is a significant contributor to waste in the UK. Businesses that use disposable food packaging help add to the problem, causing not only high levels of waste for businesses, but waste removal costs too. By choosing a more sustainable option, you can help reduce the amount of packaging waste produced by your business. 

Why are food crates a more hygienic option than other food storage solutions? 

While there are many types of food packaging out there, food crates are generally a more hygienic option. This is because they can be cleaned easily and do not hold onto moisture like other materials such as cardboard and wood. With a regular cleaning service, you can ensure your food products are stored and transported in a hygienic environment, helping to preserve the quality of your products and preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases. 

Choosing food crates to help support your business’ sustainability practices 

Sustainable packaging is one of the simplest ways to support your business’ sustainability practices. You can purchase food crates to replace your existing packaging, or you can hire them according to your needs. Reusing your food crates will mean that you save money from having to buy repeat packaging, and help free up some storage space too. 

Save money and time with food crate hire and cleaning from phs Teacrate 

phs Teacrate is one of the leading suppliers of food crate hire in the UK. We stock food crates in a range of sizes, providing businesses across the UK with a more sustainable solution for food packaging and transportation. We also provide a food crate cleaning service which ensures that crates are collected, cleaned and returned using hygienic cleaning practices to help you get the most from your food crates. 

Take a more sustainable approach to your food packaging, contact phs Teacrate to discuss food crate hire today. 

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