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Switch from cardboard to crates to meet seasonal demand

Christmas is fast approaching. But is your business ready for the increased demand that comes with it?

By using hygienically clean food crate instead of cardboard boxes, your business operations will become more sustainable and efficient, while ensuring you’re fully prepared to fulfil customer requirements. They’re also more hygienic as they can easily be cleaned, so are perfect for implementing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Increased Hygiene
We are still in the middle of a global pandemic and are constantly learning and reacting to the way Covid-19 is able to spread. Unfortunately, cardboard is not Covid-19 friendly, as scientific tests have proven that Covid-19 particles can survive on cardboard for 24 hours. Killing the virus on cardboard boxes would prove to be difficult, as they tend to lose strength and fall apart if they get wet.

In contrast to this, crates can easily be hygienically washed. Crates from phs Teacrate are made from strong and durable material that can easily be cleaned, with all crates going through an intense wash process. This process uses environmentally friendly and food-safe chemicals to ensure there are no traces of Covid-19, or any other germs and diseases left on the crates.

The main business lesson from the Coronavirus Pandemic has been that business always need to be ready to adapt to the needs of their customers. Cardboard boxes do not offer much flexibility. They don’t like water, they can easily tear, and they can be dangerous to stack. There is also the problem of disposing of them and the costs this incurs.

However, crates are completely flexible. Their sturdy design allows them to be safely stacked. Crates also don’t mind getting wet, as they can easily be wiped down. You can even pop them in the freezer.

Ease of use
Businesses should be constantly working to provide their employees with the right tools for the job. Carboard boxes are not very user friendly, they don’t have handles and there’s always a worry that the base will fall apart from the weight of its content.

Unlike cardboard, crates are designed to provide an easy user experience. There is no construction required to put them together, they arrive as a strong and sturdy crate and they remain that way when they’re filled.  Food tray crates are also fitted with built in handles and are designed to be compatible with bale arm trays and roller conveyers.

Find the perfect solution for your business
There are two types of food trays available to businesses that require crates for the storage and distribution of fresh, chilled, and frozen food. These can be provided in bulk from phs Teacrate with next-day delivery as standard.

Standard Food Tray (FC4)

  • A strong and durable crate with a 35-litre volume capacity.
  • Fully compatible with supermarket bale arm trays.
  • Stackable and nestable - Stacks 200pcs per pallet.
  • Available to rent or buy from phs

Deep Food Tray (FC4D)

  • A versatile and lightweight crate with a 46-litre volume capacity.
  • Designed to function smoothly on roller conveyers.
  • Stackable and nestable - Stacks 125pcs per pallet.
  • Available to rent or buy from phs Teacrate


We are by your side
All food tray crates provided by phs Teacrate undertake an extensive cleaning process. We have a nationwide network of depots that allow us to serve single or multi-site locations with next day delivery.

phs Teacrate are already helping hundreds of food businesses work safely and efficiently, could yours be next? Speak to an expert on 0800 980 6996 or visit www.teacrate.co.uk

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