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Teacrate wash facility opens in Durham!

Due to the rapid growth of our food crate business, phs Teacrate are delighted to announce the opening of our second Wash Plant situated in Durham.

Good hygiene is now more important than ever, and we pride ourselves on supplying hygienically clean ready-to-use crates that have been through a stringent wash process.

Servicing the North of England

Our new facility in Durham is conveniently located, with close access to the A1. This modern facility allow us to offer an extremely quick turn around on all stock, ensuring they are hygienically cleaned and quickly returned to our customers.

This new site in is an extension of our existing Curdworth wash plant and depot. These sister sites will work together to efficiently service our national database.

The i
mportance of our wash facilities

All of our crates go through an intense wash process to eliminate the risk of them carrying bacteria, germs, and diseases.  This process is provided as standard for any crate rental agreement or as part of a stand alone wash agreement on a Customer’s own stock, helping our customers to adhere to strict hygiene regulations.

Shockingly, more than 200 diseases can spread through food. To ensure our crates are hygienically  clean, we undertake periodic bacterial swab testing and Reflective Light Units (RLU) are recorded and logged.

Investing in a safe future

phs Teacrate has invested in the new Durham wash plant to allow us to support the growth in the food production market and streamline our service to our existing Customer base. This location allows us to re-route some existing journeys thus reducing our mileage resulting in a lower carbon footprint. With a focus on hygiene and customer convenience, we’re proud to be the leading service provider for crates, handling equipment and packaging products.

Watch this space for exciting news on our third Wash Depot in the South East.

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