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The challenges for food businesses over the Christmas period

The food industry has undergone some serious challenges in recent years. The global pandemic and rising inflation has put pressure on many businesses that they’re still recovering from. While the festive season can be the most profitable for some food business, it doesn’t come without its challenges.  

Over the Christmas period, many businesses will be working overtime and hiring temporary workers to ensure business operations can keep up with increased consumer demand. Some may also be dealing with supply issues, putting additional pressures on food businesses this winter. 


Learn more about some of the challenges for food businesses over the Christmas period. 

A busy time for shoppers

The festive period is the busiest time of the year for shoppers. While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted shoppers for the last two years, this year shoppers are facing an even bigger challenge – the cost of living crisis. Retailers are already bracing themselves for change, with shoppers predicted to spend £4.4bn less year. With rising food and energy costs, consumers will be cutting back on their Christmas spending this year. 

Winter 2022 also throws up another challenge for retailers, the World Cup. With the World Cup not taking place until 19 December, shops will be continuing to sell football-friendly goods like beer and pizza, which could impact the sales of more traditional festive items and snacks like mince pies and mulled wine. Many retailers are anticipating logistical issues, which could lead to wider issues such as unsold stock and food waste. 


It also remains to be seen if in-store shoppers will revert to pre-pandemic levels, or will online grocery shopping continue to rise? Levels had already begun to drop by July this year, accounting for 25.3% of total sales, a drop from 37.8% in January 2022. The impact of COVID continues to linger this year, with many people continuing to test and stay at home if they suspect they have contracted the virus. 

How can food businesses accommodate seasonal demand?
Food business can easily accommodate seasonal demand by renting food tray crates to top up their current supply or meet new requirements. Renting crates is a great way to control the outgoings of your business while ensuring you have the resources you need to keep business operations running smoothly.

There are many benefits to using food tray crates in your business. They’re strong, flexible , and easy to move. Their ability to be stacked also reduces the amount of floor space they require, meaning you won’t need to rent any extra space to accommodate increased demand. Most importantly, they can also be hygienically cleaned to eliminate the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria. With retailers looking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 again this winter, and encourage food sales as much as possible, appropriate storage solutions like food crates could be vital. 

Solutions for fresh, chilled, and frozen food

Having the right food crates for your business can help you store food and other items more effectively. There are different food tray styles that can meet your different needs. These include: 

Standard Food Tray (FC4)

The Standard Food Tray is a strong and reliable crate that has a 35 litre volume capacity. It’s stackable, nestable, and is fully compatible with supermarket bale arm trays.

Deep Food Tray (FC4D)

The Deep Food Tray offers the same durable qualities of the Standard Food Tray, but has an increased 46 litre volume capacity. It can be easily stacked and is designed to function smoothly on roller conveyor belts.

Both of these trays are available to rent or buy from phs Teacrate.

The UK’s leading service provider of crates

Retailers are facing another tough winter, but being prepared for fluctuating stock levels can help you get ready for the coming months. Having crates you can rent according to your unique needs will help your business stay flexible over the Christmas months, helping you save on costs and ease some of your storage stress. 

phs Teacrate offer a wide variety of crate rental options that can be used to accommodate new requirements or top-up existing supply over the Christmas period.

We pride ourselves on hygiene, and all of our crates go through an intense wash process, to eliminate the risk of them carrying disease or viruses; including Covid-19. Nationwide coverage means that our crates can be delivered with next-day delivery or picked up from a location of your choosing.

To find out how we can support your business, speak to an expert on 0800 980 6996 or send us a message.


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