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The phs Teacrate moving house checklist

Moving home is often said to be one of the most stressful things in life, with reports linking it to bouts of anxiety, sleeplessness and even feeling ill.

However, while there may be unexpected chains of events which you can’t predict, you can make your moving experience easier if you’re well prepared.

If you love a good list, pay attention to our handy checklist to moving home.

  • Confirming your date: Once your offer has been accepted and you’re gearing up to move, it’s all about getting that all important date. Find out exactly where you are in the chain and the position of all the buyers and sellers, requesting regular updates so you know exactly where you stand and can act on any issues early.

Once everything lines up, make sure you’ve got enough time to pack and move before you commit. If you’re renting, consider keeping your property for an extra couple of days to give yourself the luxury of time to get set up in the new home before having to clean up and move out of your old one. Fridays are great days to move as you have all weekend to unpack; but if you have any issues with utility suppliers or broadband, they’re likely to be closed until the following week.

  • Sorting your utilities: Inform your utility providers that you’re moving and take your meter readings on the day you move out, with time-stamped photo evidence, so you’re only paying for what you’ve used. This will include your gas and electricity provider, water supplier, phone and broadband, council tax, TV license and Sky TV. You’ll also want to start making plans for your new address such as registering with your new GP, dentist and vet and getting your new broadband set up, redirecting your mail (which takes up to five working days to activate).
  • Packing up early: Start your packing as early as you possibly can. The later you leave it, the more likely you’ll end up throwing everything into boxes and creating stress. The key to stress-free packing is all in the planning. Pack all your non-essentials first which includes the loft, garage, shed and garden. Separately package up all your valuables and fragile items. If you can, move these yourself so you know where they are and that they’re being kept safe. Plan where your furniture will be and label your boxes clearly so you can unpack in order.

During the process, have a declutter. Rid yourself of everything you don’t want to take with you – and doing this in advance means you have time to sell items rather than hurriedly offload them during moving week. Offer up unwanted items you don’t want to sell on local reuse websites, Facebook groups and to charity shops to limit what you need to dispose of. During this time, eat your way through your freezer, fridge and food cupboards so you’re only taking the minimum.

  • Get the right materials: Order in your packing boxes and packaging materials in advance so you’re not dashing out to find more boxes at the last minute. There are a range of home moving cardboard box packages to buy direct from phs Teacrate or rentable plastic home-moving crates which don’t even need to be taped shut and can be returned once you move, eliminating waste. The last thing you want to do is damage your possessions during the move so make sure you plan what will need a bit of extra care. Bubble wrap, acid-free tissue paper, anti-static bags and furniture covers are your friend here. In fact, phs Teacrate offers protective packaging for every need, small and large. This includes sofa, armchair and mattress covers, transportable wardrobes, mirror and picture boxes, IT and TV quilted covers and a range of paper, bubble and material transit blankets to protect your furniture from getting bumped and scratched during the move. You may also want to consider floor and wall protectors, doorframe and door covers and roll-out stairway protection which will prevent any damage to your home as you leave – and to your new home as you move in.
  • Knowing the basics: As you’ll be unfamiliar with your new home, ask the sellers in advance to leave you the details of everything you may need to know. This includes alarm codes, labelling keys for doors, windows and sheds, the location of the stopcock, fuse box, meters and thermostat and when your bin day is. Ask them to leave any instruction manuals or details of how to work the central heating and any integrated appliances. It’s also a good idea to request a list of recommended tradespeople such as a plumber, electrician and handyman. If you don’t know the area, they could even recommend you the nearest shop and favourite takeaway. Of course, it’s a courtesy to return the favour to your buyer so they’re equally as well prepared as you are. The more helpful you can be, the more helpful they’ll be if you need to collect any mail delivered to your old address.
  • Pack a first-night survival kit: Despite all the best intentions, you’re very unlikely to make a dent in your unpacking on the first night. Prepare in advance by packing up a first-night bag or box. For you and the family, this should include your pyjamas and toiletries, clothes for the next day, any medication, phone chargers, bedtime teddies and nightlights for the kids as well as pillows and bedding. Keep another box separate for cleaning supplies so you can blitz anything that needs doing when you move in along with soap, toilet roll, a first-aid kit and towels. You will also need some basic tools such as screwdrivers, a drill, hammer, tape, scissors, a utility knife, torch and spare light bulbs. From the kitchen, keep handy your kettle, mugs, tea, coffee and an item of crockery for each family member – as well as extra mugs for your removal team. Snacks and provisions for breakfast the next day along with a menu for the obligatory first-night takeaway. You may also want to download a movie or two before you leave your broadband behind and chill a bottle of bubbly so you can enjoy a well-deserved drink after a tiring day.

phs Teacrate offers a range of solutions for moving home from boxes to protective packaging to ensure your possessions make it from A to B safely. For more details, visit our online shop or to hire plastic crate bundles from as little as £34.99 per week, visit our home mover pages today

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