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To Rent or Not to Rent?

There’s no doubt about it, RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) – plastic crates, trays and pallets - make the storage and movement of important assets and products easier and safer for all kinds of businesses. The advantages of plastic crates over cardboard boxes are mainly with their strength, resistance to moisture and re-usability making them the right option for the job in most instances.

From retail and accountancy, to food production and removals, the applications for crates are hugely varied.  But whatever your need, when it comes to the question of sourcing crates, buying isn’t always the answer and with so many benefits of renting, we at phs Teacrate are finding more and more clients prefer to fulfil their crate requirements with this more flexible solution.

Here’s why:

Save money – Why make a big capital outlay on equipment that you may not use regularly? If your business is seasonal or unpredictable, you’ll be left wondering where to store all of the crates when they aren’t being used, tying up valuable production space or paying for storage that you don’t need. phs Teacrate allows you to rent crates on an ad hoc basis, for as long or short a time as you need, so you’ll always have access to the correct stock of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging), as and when you need it.

Environmentally friendly - phs Teacrate demonstrates its commitment to the environment through its ISO 14000 qualification. Our washing plants use procedures that are as kind to the environment as possible whilst still maintaining high standards of cleanliness with the routes of our transport fleet being carefully planned to take the most economical option. Our rental stock is re-used time and time again, and when our rental crates are past their best, we recycle them responsibly (fully adhering to the waste framework directive), which is one less thing for our customers to worry about.

Direct to your door - In city locations or multi occupancy buildings, it’s essential that your crates are delivered to the right location.  phs Teacrate’s Porter Service ensures that your full quota is delivered directly to your door, whether that’s in a no-parking zone or on the 21st floor of a high-rise building.

Pool management – By using the resources offered by phs Teacrate, you effectively have access to a much larger pool of crates, trays and pallets than you could acquire, allowing you all the dynamic flexibility that you could need for a growing and evolving business. You can call on our supply at times when your product or service is in high demand, and at quieter times, we’ll take the strain when it comes to storage. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Reduce transport costs – With crate rental, you won’t be left to foot the bill for transporting empty crates. phs Teacrate can deliver a supply of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) whenever you need it, clean and ready for use. We pride ourselves on delivering to the right place at the right time, every time. When the job’s done, we’ll collect the crates from site again, leaving you free to move onto the next job.

Comprehensive range -  An extensive range of crates, pallets, trays and handling gear means that you’ll always be able to find the right equipment for your task at phs Teacrate. Capacities of 25 to 165 litres, lidded or unlidded, and speciality crates for items such as IT equipment and books, provide one of the largest arrays of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) on the market. We’re also able to offer protective packaging materials to keep all your assets safe during transit.

Delivery - We have eight specialist depots, conveniently located throughout the UK, providing coverage from Lands End to John O’Groats. Our fleet of 70 delivery vehicles can ensure next day delivery and collection whenever possible.

Cleaned to your requirements - Reusable packaging has obvious environmental and financial benefits but it’s also crucial that RTP that is used again and again is kept clean, especially where food preparation is concerned.  At phs Teacrate, we ensure that, where required, all crates, trays and pallets are washed to your specific requirements in one of our dedicated, state-of-the-art washing plants. We’re able to offer this service for your own crates or as part of your rental contract.

Forward thinking - phs Teacrate’s planning service works alongside your business or contractor to ensure that all the required crates are in place in good time to pack for your move. We’ll help scope out the job and specify the ideal capacity containers and specialist crates to help ensure your relocation goes without a hitch.

Make your job easier - Our optional barcoding system assists with tracking and traceability of individual crates, making your life as a facilities manager, operations manager or transport manager more bearable. So, if you’re moving stock to a customer, archiving documents or relocating your business, you’ll know the whereabouts of each crate as they are scanned at checkpoints along the route. Use the phs Teacrate app and you’ll be notified of delivery and collection within minutes, reducing the potential of loss and improving logistics.


24/7 account management - Using phs Teacrate’s online management system, Cratelink, you’ll have access to your account whenever and wherever you need it. The user-friendly interface allows you to place or amend an order, as well as track its progress and produce relevant reports. All at the touch of a button.

Outstanding customer service – 35 years of experience means that we’ve cultivated a vast knowledge of crates and logistics which we are more than happy to pass on to our customers. As an active member of BAR (British Removals Association), phs Teacrate keeps abreast of industry developments to ensure that we always bring you the latest products and systems.

Market-leading quality - phs Teacrate demonstrates a high standard not only in its products but also in its people. We are an Investor in People, and holder of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management. So, despite the fact that we handle in excess of 25 million crates every year, you will never be just a number to us.

We think you’ll agree - not only is the list of crate rental benefits a long one, the reasons to choose phs Teacrate as your crate rental provider are also pretty persuasive. Why not give us a try?