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Top Tips for Moving House in a Pandemic

Moving house can be very stressful at any time. Thinking about how to move house during a pandemic has got to make even the most organised people anxious. But the last year has seen us spending more time at home with many having to find extra room for a home office, meaning a search for larger accommodation. Due to the inability to spend on social activities and holidays, savings have increased for some, allowing for rental or mortgage budgets to increase, while others have experienced reduced income so have to downsize.

To keep the housing market moving, the Government has issued guidance on moving home during the coronavirus outbreak .

All of the best moving companies have been busy adjusting to COVID-safe routines and trying to fit in the increased demand for their services. To avoid disappointment, choosing a moving company should be a priority on your moving house checklist as they will get booked up quickly.

As well as the other items on your moving house checklist, you’ll also have to concern yourself with ensuring that the house is fully ventilated during moving day to protect moving company operatives or helpful friends. Social distancing, mask wearing and sanitising of hands and moving boxes must also be observed. That’s why, when it comes to finding suitable boxes for moving house, plastic crates are an excellent choice.

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Best boxes for moving home

Using cardboard boxes for moving home might seem like a cheap option. When you consider that cardboard doesn’t fare well in wet weather and large cardboard boxes don’t stack securely, you may want to re-think your decision. If you intend using cardboard as storage boxes to keep your belongings safe for a while, be aware that cardboard disintegrates and can be chewed by vermin, putting your property at risk.

The porous property of cardboard boxes also makes them fairly difficult to clean so that they are free from coronavirus. Plastic storage boxes with lids from trusted crate suppliers, such as phs Teacrate, are easy to disinfect for safe handling, stack securely and can’t be chewed by vermin.

In fact, phs Teacrate will deliver a sanitised COVID safe bundle of moving boxes or crates directly from one of our local depots so that they arrive hygienically clean and free from germs. When the day comes for moving house, boxes can be handed over from the moving company operator with a quick spray of anti-bacterial sanitiser to avoid worry of infection.

Remember that at these times, it’s better if you pack your own moving boxes, rather than take advantage of a packing service ordinarily offered by the best moving companies.

The cost of moving house

When you’re planning how to move house, you should get quotes from several different moving companies who will base charges on the number of rooms and distance to be moved so they can work out how many operatives they will need as well as the size of van and length of rental period. As mentioned above, you may want to consider replacing large cardboard boxes for moving house with plastic storage boxes with lids. These can be bought or rented at a weekly rate from as little as £35 for a bundle, including seals, labels and bubble wrap, to minimise the cost of moving house.

phs Teacrate can provide help moving office too, whether at home or in a commercial premise. If you’re moving office equipment or home office furniture, we have a range of specialist crates to ensure their safe transit, such as a flat screen computer crate, monitor screen cover or home worker crate bundles from as little as £25 per week. You’ll also find that we supply protective packaging in the form of paper and plastic covers and blankets to keep your furniture from being exposed to coronavirus during the move.

For help moving office or moving home, get in touch. Together we can make the process a little less stressful in these difficult times. 

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