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Top Tips On Getting Schools Organised For The New Year And New Term

There’s nothing nicer than living and working in a clean environment.

The benefits of clean classrooms are plentiful; they provide a natural boost to wellbeing, increase productivity, and create a positive impression on students

January is a great time to tidy up your classroom, as the new year provides opportunity for a fresh start and mindset. And with Christmas decorations and activities behind you, it’s also a great time to take stock of what’s needed for the term ahead.

To help make your classroom tidy up go as smoothly as possible,  phs Teacrate have put together five tops tips to get your classroom clean and ready for the year ahead…

Five tips for an effective classroom clear up

Make a to-do list

Start you tidy up by setting clear intentions. You could compile a list of the main areas you want to tidy, and break cleaning jobs down into smaller more manageable tasks.

Begin by sorting into categories

Tidying up can be overwhelming. By first organising your equipment into categories, you can make a more informed decision on what you want to keep, get rid of, or get more of.

Make an inventory

By making note of the equipment you have and where you store it, you’ll make life easier for your future self. Ensuring things can be easily found when you need them, or if another teacher is covering your class during unexpected absence.

Use sturdy crates

Don’t use second hand carboard boxes for your move as they may be weakened from prior use. Instead use sturdy crates to ensure your belongings are safely contained. Crates can be securely stacked when full, or nested when not used, making them a space efficient option.

Store seasonal items

Does your classroom have equipment that is only used for one week or term a year? if so, store these items away safely to make better use of your classroom space. Long term crate rental, or purchase, could be used to safely lock away seasonal items in communal cupboards

Want a stress free classroom tidy up? Use crates!

Crates are great for moving, organising. and storing equipment. They’re also hygienic, sturdy, and stackable.

Crate hire from phs Teacrate can be used to help you:

  • move classrooms or buildings
  • tidy up and reorganise your classroom
  • take stock of equipment
  • easily store seasonal items
  • protect items during decoration or renovation

Cost-effective school bundles

Available in a range of sizes, school move bundles contain everything you need for a quick and effective tidy up.

> Small School Crate Bundle

Includes: 50 x one metre lidded crates, 1 x metal skate, 50 x moving labels.
From £29.95

> Medium School Crate Bundle

Includes: 100 x one metre lidded crates, 1 x metal skate, 50 x moving labels.
From £53.95

> Large School Crate Bundle

Includes: 150 x one metre lidded crates, 1 x metal skate, 50 x moving labels.
From £74.95

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