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What is Correx and What Does It Do?

Floors, doors and walls are parts of your premises or home that aren’t easy or cheap to replace. Though carpets, tiles, wooden flooring and décor might stand up to ordinary day-to-day activities, any kind of heavy movement, such as renovations or moving can risk permanent damage to these features of your property.

When it comes to dirt and dust, plastic sheeting might bear some of the brunt but heavy footfall, weighty machinery, dropped tools or large belongings being manoeuvred through tight spaces can take their toll on floors, walls, ceilings and even windows. It’s worth making a small investment in corrugated plastic sheets to use as ceiling, wall, door or floor protection, such as Correx sheeting, a leading brand in surface protection.

Correx sheet plastics are designed to not only protect surfaces from dirt, dust and spillages but also provide a degree of defence against impacts – giving you and/or your customers peace of mind that your project won’t incur the extra costs of replacing expensive features, such as walls, doors, floors and windows.

Temporary protection where you need it

We know it can be a helpful, but exactly what is Correx? Correx board or floor protection sheets are high-quality, corrugated plastic sheets that come in a variety of thicknesses of 2-5mm, and in sizes of around 2m x 1m. The water resistant plastic is lightweight and flexible, making it quick and easy to cut, providing floor protection or surface coverage for any shape or size of area. Correx is rigid plastic but can be bent or creased into most shapes, providing consistent, effective floor protection throughout your property.

Much like plastic grid sheets, Correx acts as a shock absorber when floors or walls have an item dropped on or bumped into them, minimising damage. When the Corex board is removed, walls, floors, ceilings and doors should be unscathed. Order your Correx sheet plastic from a reputable, national supplier, such as phs Teacrate and we’ll deliver wherever you need it, with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

Correx sheets are particularly useful for removal contractors who risk complaints and compensation claims from customers if damage to surfaces occurs during moving. And in the case of renovations, the condition in which a property is left after building or decoration work will reflect on a business’ reputation. Surely that’s worth the investment in re-usable corrugated plastic sheets that can be added to your tool kit and taken from job to job?

What’s the best way to use Correx floor protection?

Of course, Corex board is excellent when used as floor protection but can be used to shield any vulnerable surface. Its rigid plastic, twin-walled construction also makes it useful for creating screening or to block off complete areas that might be particularly delicate or valuable. Like plastic grid sheets, this chemical and water resistant plastic construction means that Correx is useful in outdoor areas as well as indoor. After use, each flexible plastic sheet can be rubbed down to remove grime, ready for the next project.

Individual Correx plastic sheets can be taped together to cover larger areas. In cases of re-use of trimmed corex boards, you might find it handy to write the dimensions on the plastic sheet for times when a tape measure isn’t immediately to hand.

Don’t put additional pressure on yourself, your contractors or your employees to be extra careful when removing or renovating - add CORX Correx floor protection sheets to your tool kit or moving pack from phs Teacrate and protect your walls, ceilings, floors doors and windows for a job well done.