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What To Put In Heavy Duty Boxes

August is the busiest month to move house, which means things are about to get very busy! Being prepared for your move is important to avoid stress and added hassle, and getting ahead with your packing is one way to get organised. 

If you’re moving or looking to put some things in storage, then the chances are you’ll be needing some heavy-duty boxes. Using a heavy-duty box or crate helps you pack, store and transport your items safely, protecting them from damage. 

Heavy-duty boxes can hold a lot, making them ideal for packing and moving a lot of different items. They also make carrying larger items easier, and can fit easily in a van or in the back of your car. Look at what to put in heavy-duty boxes so you can make the most of them. 

Best items to put in heavy-duty boxes 

Packing can be stressful but having some heavy-duty boxes will makes things much easier. Some of the things you can put in heavy-duty packing crates include: 

Books, CDs, DVDs 

Heavy-duty crates are perfect for storing your books, CDs, DVDs and other bulk items you need to move. Simply pop them in the crate, pack securely and they’ll be ready to unpack straight onto the shelf in their new home. 

Kitchen items 

Packing bulky kitchen items can be tricky, but heavy-duty boxes make it easier to move what you need. Protect your small appliances and other kitchen items by using a hard-wearing storage crate that can easily be stacked ready to move. 


Clearing out your kitchen cupboards? Put your essentials in large shipping boxes ready to move them into your new kitchen. Packing crates will keep them safe and dry – just make sure you pack everything tightly to avoid spills! 

Fragile items 

Keep your valuables safe by wrapping them in bubble wrap and using heavy-duty crates to transport them to where they need to go. Plates, glassware, vases and ornaments can be packed away safely to make them easier to store and transport. 

Cushions, textiles and bedding 

Moving boxes are great for packing your clothing, cushions, bedding and other textiles. A good tip is to label your boxes with what’s inside so you can make sure they go to the right rooms when you move, and help you find your things more easily. 

Tips for packing heavy duty boxes 

To help you get the most from your packing crates, some top tips include: 

  • Use bubble wrap to help you give extra protection to fragile items. 
  • Label your boxes carefully to help you move them to where they need to be on arrival. 
  • Try not to pack too many heavy items in one box as this will make them difficult to carry. 

What to do with leftover moving boxes 

After the move is over, you’re probably wondering what you should do with your leftover packing crates. Reusing your boxes and crates is great for the environment, saving you money and reducing waste. Reusable packing crates have a lot of great uses, including storage. Some of the best uses for leftover moving boxes include: 


Large and heavy-duty crates are perfect for storage. Suitable for both short-term and long-term storage, they can continue to have a use long after your move. As packing crates can be stacked easily, they are ideal for garage storage or shed or for use in a specialist storage unit. 


If you’re looking for a simple way to get your things organised, then large moving boxes could be a big help. They can help you keep spaces organised, avoiding unnecessary clutter and making things easy to find when you next need them. 

Rent packing crates for simple, convenient moving 

One of the simplest ways to benefit from packing crates is to hire them. Hiring moving boxes means you can use them for your move and then return them when you’re finished with them. It’s a simple and affordable way to make packing and moving home less stressful. 

With a set crate deal, you can get everything you need to help make your move a smooth one. You’ll get as the number of crates that you need, bubble wrap, labels and seals to help you organise your belongings for your move. You can rent crate bundles for a weekly rate, helping you get organised before moving day. 

Heavy duty storage boxes from phs Teacrate 

phs Teacrate offers packing solutions to help cater for your moving needs. With crates available for weekly rental, you can use our crates for as long as you need. This helps reduce waste, and means you’re not left with unwanted leftover crates. Check out our full selection of moving products or contact us for more information about our services.  

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