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Why are good quality vegetable crates crucial for UK fresh produce transportation and storage?

When it comes to the transportation and storage of fresh produce, it goes without saying that hygiene must be a top priority. UK businesses in particular have a reputation for upholding the highest standards of quality and, at phs Teacrate, we’re proud of our clients’ reputations when it comes to leading in hygienic produce storage and transportation.  

Vegetable crates play a significant role in ensuring the maintenance of this reputation. Transportation and storage of fresh produce can be a big challenge for businesses – particularly for those dealing with large quantities of produce on a regular basis. With stringent hygiene and safety regulations to follow, choosing the right type of containers to store and transport your fresh produce is essential: here’s why making the right choice for your business is key to success.  

What kinds of vegetable crates are available? 

Essential for transporting and storing fresh produce, vegetable crates come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. phs Teacrate uses only the highest standards of materials to ensure the protection and freshness of your produce; our crates are across the industry, in food markets, supermarkets, wholesale markets and more. 

How are vegetable crates used? 

In the UK, businesses dealing with fresh produce must adhere to strict hygiene and safety regulations. It is crucial to make sure strict attention is paid to every detail of these operations – particularly transportation and storage.  

Vegetable crates serve several purposes. They prevent contamination (which is especially important for those supplying or operating within the catering industry). The right storage and transportation choice will also ensure longer shelf life and less waste, as well as maintaining a business’s professional reputation, which is key to attracting maintaining the client base, attracting new customers and increasing overall sales.  

Why are veg crates important? 

The importance of veg crates cannot be overstated when it comes to preserving the freshness and safety of produce during transportation and storage, or the maintenance of high hygiene and safety practices. Vegetable crates serve as a barrier against contamination, as well as protect against major contributors to spoilage and waste, like produce bruising and other damage. With factors including employee health, safety and well-being, produce shelf life, and profit margins at stake, choosing the right type of crate for your produce is essential. 

Hygienic and safe for fresh produce 

Vegetable crates are constructed using materials safe for transporting and storing fresh fruits and vegetables. phs Teacrate options are intentionally designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient use of space during shipping and minimising the potential for produce damage. Plus, our crates are equipped with sleek edges and interiors, decreasing the likelihood of contamination for your produce. 

Durable and strong 

Our high-quality vegetable crates are a dependable and robust choice. Transportation isn’t always smooth sailing: our veg crates’ ability to endure the weight of vast quantities of produce and withstand even the roughest transportation occurrences. They’re also less prone to damage or the need for replacement: ultimately, saving you money. 

Easy to clean and maintain 

Options for vegetable crates across the market are diverse, and can include materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Each material has its own unique benefits and drawbacks: while wooden crates are solid and long-lasting, they can be challenging to sanitise. Plastic crates, however, are simple to clean and sanitise.  

Customers purchasing, rather than renting, their veg crates through phs Teacrate can rest assured that our range is designed to be easily cleaned, ensuring cross-contamination risk is minimised and that produce remains fresh. Our crates can be both washed and disinfected swiftly, reducing the risk of food poisoning and ensuring the safety of your customers. 

Compliance with health and safety regulations 

By using our standard-leading veg crates, which adhere to all necessary health and safety standards, businesses can guarantee that they’re in compliance with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) regulations. Not only does this preserve your business's image but it can act to increase your customers’ faith in you when it comes to the food they buy. 

The right vegetable crate choice can improve your business’s environmental sustainability  

Phs Teacrate offers both purchase and rental options, as well as our fast and highly rated cleaning service. Not only does the rental and cleaning option give your business a next-day service delivered by our industry-leading team, but it’s also a powerful factor in reducing your business’s carbon footprint.  

Rather than investing multiple times in reduced- or single-use produce storage and transportation options, renting reliable equipment and using our cleaning service means that you’re using reusable equipment, hugely reducing your waste output. This package is an excellent option for businesses prioritising environmentally friendly methods of transporting and storing fresh produce. 


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